Another milestone

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Sawyer had his first “hard” solid food today. And I actually remembered to take pictures. It’s so true that second (and probably subsequent) children get the shaft when it comes to the amount of pictures that are taken of them, and attention give to them. Even though you love them the same way. And of course, the same amount. So here is the “Zwieback series.” [link(pics/zwie1.jpg)][thumb]pics/zwie1.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/zwie2.jpg)][thumb]pics/zwie2.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/zwie3.jpg)][thumb]pics/zwie3.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/zwie4.jpg)][thumb]pics/zwie4.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/zwie5jpg.jpg)][thumb]pics/zwie5jpg.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/zwie6.jpg)][thumb]pics/zwie6.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/zwie7.jpg)][thumb]pics/zwie7.jpg[/thumb][/link] (he was very upset when I took the very soggy piece away…)