I wish I had a camera…

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Kenny and I just joined the city pools, so we have been taking advantage of the extremely hot and muggy weather by taking the boys to the different pools near us in the city. Both Rowan and Sawyer love the water. They love splashing around in the fountain in the park behind our house, and they love splashing and wading through the pools. It’s a great way to spend a hot summer evening. We all get exercise and outside-time when it’s still warm out, but not too muggy, or sunny…read more


Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Down, Down!

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It was my high school English teacher’s mantra. It’s also Stephen Covey’s advice to his readers who want to be “highly effective.” If you have a dream, or if you have something you want to do with your life, write it down and it will happen. Sounds like the voices that Kevin Costner heard in “Field of Dreams,” doesn’t it? “If you build it, they will come.” Well, I’m taking that advice and writing (ahem…typing) this down: Kenny and Liz want to run a bed and breakfast/coffee shop, bakery, bistro…read more



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Last September, as I was walking in the house from the grocery store, I noticed a colorful stringy-like “thing” in the garden. I snapped this photo:[link(pics/june_05/new_snake1.jpg)][thumb]pics/june_05/new_snake1.jpg[/thumb][/link] A few weeks ago, we noticed that our yard had a tenant:[link(pics/june_05/new_snake.jpg)][thumb]pics/june_05/new_snake.jpg[/thumb][/link] We’re pretty sure it’s the same snake. It still has remnants of the markings of the snake in the first picture. We’ve got ourselves a pet! He’s about 4 feet long, smooth as silk, and sly as a…as a snake, I guess. Kenny’s been dying to “introduce” the snake to Rowan, and…read more


We’re back…

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After over 2 months of crazy living, we’re back to a scheduled routine. Okay, so it hasn’t really been all that crazy. We are busy. We have jobs, two kids, two cats, a house, a large yard with lots of plants and grass to maintain. Blogging is a good, wintery thing to do. The kids are in bed…it’s dark at 5:15 pm….brew a cup of tea…cozy up on the couch and type away. But when it’s warm out, and there’s a yard to maintain, we suck up every last minute…read more