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I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of October, the Best Month of the Year, and I haven’t posted. Well, that can only mean one thing – that we’re busy with fall-related activities! This post will be short, but will contain pictures that will fill you in on what you’ve missed of the Smith household this month. Apple pie-making:[link(pics/october_05/apple_pie_boys.jpg)][thumb]pics/october_05/apple_pie_boys.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/october_05/apple_pie.jpg)][thumb]pics/october_05/apple_pie.jpg[/thumb][/link] Boys and Pumpkins[link(pics/october_05/rowan_pumpkin.jpg)][thumb]pics/october_05/rowan_pumpkin.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/october_05/sawyer_pumpkin.jpg)][thumb]pics/october_05/sawyer_pumpkin.jpg[/thumb][/link]