aqua net ballads

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i like to pride myself on having pretty decent taste in music. my husband would tend to disagree with me on this because where we fit together so nicely in many ways, we clash a lot in our taste in music. he thinks the term “singer-songwriter” is a derogatory one, and i hold it in the highest esteem. he tends to think that a song is “good” only when it “has contrast,” which I believe means it starts off softly, has a huge climax that is meant to bring you…read more


my little worker-bees

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when rowan gets to play on the computer (his favorite is a sesame street counting game hosted by count von count) he tells everyone that he’s working. if you walk past him when he’s busily counting balloons or sleeping puppies, he tells you, “rowan’s working.” i love his little hand working the mouse – he’s really good at it![link(pics/aprilmay_06/ro_computer.jpg)][thumb]pics/aprilmay_06/ro_computer.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/aprilmay_06/ro_mouse.jpg)][thumb]pics/aprilmay_06/ro_mouse.jpg[/thumb][/link] the boys’ fascination with the washer and dryer continue. Really, all I do around here is eat bon-bons while my boys do all my laundry for me![link(pics/aprilmay_06/ro_saw_WD.jpg)][thumb]pics/aprilmay_06/ro_saw_WD.jpg[/thumb][/link] [link(pics/aprilmay_06/ro_saw_WD2.jpg)][thumb]pics/aprilmay_06/ro_saw_WD2.jpg[/thumb][/link]



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for mother’s day, kenny (or rowan and sawyer and the baby) bought me Hit by a Farm. i love the subtitle of this book: “How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Barn.” despite my desire to live in the country and perhaps even raise animals other than cats and dogs (as a side note: anyone want to adopt two grown cats?) some days, i tend to be a worrier when it comes to country, or farm living. we don’t technically live on a farm. but we could turn…read more


What NOT to do…

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When you go and buy a nice, white farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, I very strongly recommend you stay away from renting Capote or reading his “nonfiction novel,” In Cold Blood. It’ll really freak you out.



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one of the first things i tried to figure out when we moved into this house was which day garbage collection was. when i asked around, i learned that we had to “order collection service,” which means that we couldn’t just put the garbage bags out for collection the night before the trucks came. nobody would pick it up unless we had a contract with a private hauler. so i did some internet searches for “_______ county waste management” and found the phone number for the coordinator of waste management….read more


my man. his tractor.

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not a monkey! (not a post about the new house!)

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rowan has recently discovered that kenny and i aren’t just “mama and dada.” out of the blue one day, he yelled, “hey, kenny!” but instead of what we probably should have done as responsible, teaching parents in correcting him…we laughed. which prompted him then to say, “liz!” again, more laughter and even less responsible parenting. since he was a day old, we’ve been calling rowan “monkey.” it’s just a nickname that fit from the beginning. recently in the car, he was waiting for an upcoming green light to change yellow…read more



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the house is finally beginning to take shape. except for all the now half-empty boxes everywhere, and our bedroom is nowhere near ready to welcome an infant into, we’re definitely getting there! i am trying to put together a blog post in my mind of things that are different out here than to living in the city. of course there are the obvious things, but there are also not-so-obvious things (like how many phone calls you have to make to figure out who will pick up your garbage!). it’s been…read more