boys and birds

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kenny and i recently joined Netflix since we’ve been bored silly with nothing to do (ha!) having a few hours some evenings where we need to unwind. since rowan was born (three years ago) we’ve seen a total of five movies between the two of us. so we’ve been taking notes as to which movies (and television shows we don’t have access to on rabbit-ear television) we want to see. netflix is the perfect fit for us since there isn’t a “due date” and sometimes it takes us a few…read more


summer camp friends

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an old friend stopped by the other day… when i was in junior high school, every summer i would walk into church hoping to see the little piece of paper on the back table for summer camp sign-up. when it wasn’t there by mid-june, i got nervous: what if they weren’t having camp this summer? i’d DIE without camp. absoultely DIE. then it would be there the next week, and i’d have it filled out and ready to be mailed in before the church service even started. i can’t remember…read more


this one’s for Pop-Pop

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(click on the picture and make sure your speakers are on)


why i get up every morning

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images have been deleted from this post…. i just can’t help myself…i have to post these pictures of the four boys/man in my life. i am a blessed woman. adam is getting so big. he’s smiling and cooing and is awake for a good part of the day now. his sleeping at night is still amazing – he sleeps from 10:00 until at least 4:00, and sometimes until 6 or 7. Could a mama ask for anything more from a two month old? at his well-child visit this morning, he…read more