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it may not seem as supernatural as water being turned into wine, or a dead man being raised from the dead…but each of us are witnesses to miracles every day. i drove down to pittsburgh earlier this week with the boys. kenny was already in town (at the office) and i was going down to meet him for a gathering of our pittsburgh-housegroup for a potluck dinner. i was driving from a lightened sky into a dark one when my cell phone rang. it was amy, telling me that our…read more


I Am From

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i came across the best “meme” the other day and had to share it. it’s a fun way to relive your childhood. Go here for directions on writing your own (and an explanation on the derivation of this meme): I Am From… …rainbow shirts and friendship bracelets. From the Atari 800 and one of the last VCRs on the block. I am from the city-suburb: an inbetween of city-lights, and suburb-quiet. I am from milkweed pods in October and dandelion fuzz in July. From the orange of Grammy’s marigolds, and…read more


the perfect day: sights, smells, sounds

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yesterday was the perfect fall day. the sky was bright blue with big white clouds. the sun was bright, yet it was chilly. the leaves were falling and floating. i wish you could have been inside of our home for the afternoon because it smelled just as lovely inside as it looked outside. we slow-roasted a rump roast, newcastle style. we had one bottle of newcastle brown ale left (one of our favorites…and since we’re in pennsylvania, we have to buy our beer by the case…so this was the last…read more


sleep deprivation

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you’d expect parents of a newborn to be sleep deprived, right? what about parents of a four-month-old? or a two-year-old? or even a three-year-old? kenny and i are sleep deprived. our infant son, who slept for 8 straight hours at night for weeks after he was born has decided to wake several times during the night. he is even waking his daddy up (which never happened in the beginning) and (i’m so lucky!) his daddy gets up with him in the middle of the night as well! thus, we are…read more


a new laughlin!

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congrats to (my brother) jonathan, rachel, sadie and gabe on charles elliott’s arrival this morning! little charlie ain’t so little – he weighed in at 10 pounds and was 21 inches long! [pic(] [pic(]