One book down, seven to go!

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Warning…this post contains a few spoilers in The Thirteenth Tale. So if you haven’t read it yet and want to, skip this post until you’ve read it. I was really excited to read The Thirteenth Tale since the description sounded like just the kind of book I like. Afterall, I’m a big fan of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. There is no doubt that Diane Setterfield’s writing is imaginative, articulate, and beautiful. I loved getting caught up in the world of Angelfield and its many characters. And characters they were….read more



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the strong and ugly virus that has wreaked havoc on our household is the virus no parent ever wants to deal with. based on the waning and waxing of adam’s vomiting, and the length of his sickness (5 days now), he was diagnosed this morning with rotavirus. i’m happy to report that after 6 days, sawyer is back to normal 100%. his appetite is back, his spunky little self is back…i have hope that adam will be back in no time at all. but your prayers are still coveted.


coming up for (non-pukey) air

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i didn’t intend to take a blogging break. it just so happened that vomit and other bodily fluids kinda took over the house and things like 5 loads of laundry, 3 loads of dishes, and 3 hours of sleep per day took the place of writing. you see those two bookend-boys up there in the blog masthead? sawyer (right) and adam (left) have been slammed with the nastiest stomach virus we’ve ever seen. sawyer is finally getting back to normal, and adam is finally not sleeping 23 hours a day….read more


the hard part

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parenting is the best. seriously. i can think of nothing else that makes me want to scream thankfulness and praise to God than when i stop and just “behold” rowan, sawyer, and adam. but when your kid gets sick, you meet a “hard part” of parenting. i don’t think i’m the only parent in the world who gets a pit the size of a grapefruit in their stomach the minute their child complains of “not feeling well” or begins the every-five-minute puke session. and it’s not because once your kids…read more



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please comment with your best advice on cleaning puke from carpets. i mean really cleaning them and not “masking” the odor. one child sick with the bug, four others in the household (plus one poor weekend guest) to go, i’m sure!


chickens, part 2

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if you’re interested, you can find chickens, part 1 here. we’re a few steps closer to being a chicken raisin’ family! we couldn’t find a local farm that hatched chicks for selling, and a few farmers kenny talked with actually advised us against getting chicks that way. we still felt uneasy ordering our chicks from the big hattery in texas and picking them up at the post office, so we found a happy medium at meyer hatchery which is only a couple hours drive away. i called last week to…read more


happy, happy springtime!

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this morning, as we trolled the aisles of the grocery store, rowan looked up at me and said, “mommy, i’m SO happy it’s spring!” perhaps it was because i told him we were going to buy some ingredients for a special cake we were going to make together to celebrate the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! and any mention of cake, rowan is on-board. last week, we had snow. then a day of rain. here are a few pictures of what that leaves behind. at least the snow is melting and…read more


spring reading thang…thing, i meant thing…

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the wait is over! my spring reading thing reading list is… fiction:The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. Recommended to me by my mom. I’m three chapters into it already and am hooked. Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. Another book recommendation from mom. I’ve met people who love it and hate it. I’m eager to make my own opinion.Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris. Mom gave me this one too (see a paterrn here?). She is the author of Chocolat…I’ve seen the movie, but hadn’t read the book. And if…read more


what i did (or didn’t) read in the fall of 2006

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before i post my “spring reading thing” challenge on Wednesday (it’s SPRING! in less than 48 hours!) i thought i’d quickly rehash the books from my “fall into reading” challange, also hosted by callapidder days. Simply Christian by N.T. Wright. very good book, but a difficult read for me as he’s extremely academic in his writing (probably similar to his preaching and teaching). i tend to be drawn to beautifully-crafted sentences and his are very pragmatic and to-the-point. which isn’t bad, it just makes it harder for me to get…read more


for pennsylvania readers ONLY

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now that i’m sure i got your attention over there in Arizona…. today we picked up a box of Cheerios. the name-brand kind, not the store-brand, or the natural brand (although Cheerios is sold in Whole Foods, so “it’s got to be good”). because when it comes to Cheerios…the name brand is the real deal. i just can’t eat, or make my kids eat, a different “version.” it’s like reading cliff’s notes for a shakespeare play. or worse…baking with sucralose. so we picked up a box of Cheerios because they…read more