gardening flowers

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as i predicted, the warm air and sunnier skies have kept me (and the entire family) outside instead of inside reading and writing. and i find myself having a hard time finding something to blog about. so…do i leave the blog alone for a while and let it grow cobwebs until the cooler air returns, or do i just write about what has been keeping us busy? because what has been keeping us busy is basically what i’ve been blogging about for…oh…the past five entries. are you sick of hearing…read more


not your grandma’s womens bible study

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i want to highlight this so that everyone can read this comment that was left in yesterday’s entry by my friend bonnie who leads the women’s bible study at my old church: We actually prayed for you and your chickens today in bible study! During our pray time, you just came into Beth’s heart and she prayed for you and your family and the chickens 🙂 Maybe it was her prayer that led the baby robin to safety!  We hope you are all doing well! We miss you! ahhhh…how i…read more


our little wildlife haven

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what an exciting day at the homestead. it’s a little earlier than we had hoped, but due to circumstances out of our control, our 5-week-old chickens are now free range. after rounding them up for the 27th time on sunday and yesterday, we just decided to let them have at it. their little makeshift pen wasn’t doing it for them anymore, and since they’ve now got tail feathers, they’re about twice as big as they were last week…they need the extra room. and they love it. they wander around and…read more


a new project

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we must be bored, because we are undertaking yet another project. just off of our enclosed back porch is a 3.5″x8 foot stoop made of wood (a mini-deck, really) with 4 steps down to the yard. underneath the current deck is a railroad-tie holding wall, collapsing and pulling the current deck down with it. well okay, it’s not that bad…we still use that door to get in and out of the house especially in the summer, but it needs some propping up, and/or tearing down, and our preference is toward…read more


planting season

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it’s all about veggies. we’ve had a long few weeks of warm, sunny weather and our arms and faces carry the tanned shadows of our full days outside. the boys were so happy to be outside, and they all slept the whole night long, so tired from running, climbing, digging, and playing.. we planted our garden over the weekend. here’s what we’re hoping to harvest through the late summer, into early fall: pole beanslima beanscherry tomatoesgrape tomatoesbeef steak tomatoesgreen bell pepperscelerylettucebroccolicucumbersweet onionsspring onionscarrots cilantrobasilparsleychocolate and orange mint (actually planted in…read more



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the chickens turned a whole month old on monday. to celebrate, we moved them out of their brooder in the laundry room to their brand new coop in the yard. i couldn’t be more thankful. they’re SO BIG now, that they were kicking up dust from their bedding and it was EVERYWHERE in the laundry room. i spent the entire day (between diaper-changes, meals, naps, playing, and reading) wiping down the room and cleaning it two times over. remember these cute little fuzz-balls? they are now not so cute. they’re…read more


good grocery manners

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what do you do when you take your empty grocery cart back to the cart station in the grocery store parking lot and find an empty cart there with three full, (still cold!) gallons of 2% milk? do you leave it there hoping that the person who left it will come back soon and find it? (like i was going to do) do you walk into the customer service desk and tell them that someone left it hoping that the original purchaser will come to the desk and get it…read more


monday morning

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i am enjoying a rare moment…a cup of HOT black coffee first thing in the morning. because of a long and exhausting (but oh-so-much-fun) day the boys had visiting with their grandma and grandpa at a local state park yesterday, all three of them are still sleeping. it’s 7:22 a.m., and there is not a peep from their room. i tried to get a cute “mother’s day family picture” taken at the end of our time at the park, and i guess we’re at the “sticking out my tongue 24-hours…read more


happy mother’s day!

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happy mother’s day to my mom, grammy, and all my fellow mommy readers and bloggers. i was blessed to share homemade crepes (ala kenny) with my boys this morning. and i was gifted with THE NEW MARTIN SEXTON CD!  ahhh…black coffee, lovely crepes, and martin playing all day long!! the perfect day! and here are my reasons for truly celebrating today… 


housekeeping. a book review

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I finished my second fiction book in the Spring Reading Thing  earlier this week and think it’s worthy of a review. If you are not one to enjoy a slow-moving book, don’t read this book. If you want short, succinct sentences to lull you to sleep at night, don’t read this book. If you don’t find comfort in reading about simple pleasures, this book is a waste of your time. I can’t think of any other metaphor/simile for a book like Housekeeping but this: this book is like a conversation…read more