the stuff of boys

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we seem to have been swallowed up in this deck project. it’s a huge project and kenny is a one-man worker. he had help the first day for two hours setting up the thingy-ma-jig that holds the deck to the house. (i know the actual word, but it’s 8:29, i’ve been up since 5:00 this morning, and it’s escaping me at the moment.) i actually helped him one day by laying the decking and putting in all the screws.* i have to finish that up eventually and will once the…read more



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i am amazed daily at how smart our kids are. at such a young age! i’m convinced it’s because their “filters” aren’t set up yet. they hear and pay attention to everything. two days ago, sawyer woke up with a runny nose. we have no tissues in the house. when i noticed his runny nose, i muttered something about “being out of tissues, so i’ll just use toilet paper.” i thought rowan was busy eating his raisin bran (yeah, we have kids that pick out raisin bran for their breakfast…read more


spring reading thing finale

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today is the first day of summer! which means the end of the Spring Reading Thing. here is my original post on the books i planned to read. i got through a few of them completely and some of them part-way. i think that’s pretty good for a slow-reader who has a million other things to do in her spare time (like every other participant, i’m sure). i’m already knee-deep in my two other challenges (posted here and here). the boys and i picked up five books from the library…read more


the deck project takes off!

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yesterday started out innocently enough. and then kenny decided it was demo-day. but this is a good thing as it means our deck will be up and ready to offer hospitality on by way of mojitos or coffees (or sippy cups with milk) in no time at all. for today, i’ll post a few “before” pictures. tomorrow perhaps some “during” pictures…and hopefully within the next few weeks, some “after” pictures. the current “stoop/deck” that doesn’t work so well for more than one person to sit on:


yet ANOTHER book challenge!

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but it includes the boys! it’s monday morning. the boys and i are waiting for adam to wake up from his morning nap (his longest nap of the day!) and then we’re headed to the library to sign up with the library summer reading club. and then i found this (left) fun little book challenge (complete with an amazon gift certificate prize!) at a great blog. i’m looking forward to a few lazy afternoons on a blanket in the back yard with the boys…a few rainy days on a blanket…read more



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i want to wish all the dads in my life a very happy father’s day. we had a fantastic day except for the…devastation. here is another picture from the series of photos i took in the garden JUST LAST NIGHT (by the way, that’s mud on adam’s rear in the previous post…not chicken poop. there seemed to have been a bit of confusion amongst some of my readers – ha!). this is a photo of the row of lettuce and broccoli (the broccoli is toward the back…all you can see…read more


nature boy

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since i post a lot about the gardens and gardening that we have, i get asked a lot, “how do you garden with three little boys?” first, a disclaimer: our gardening isn’t extravagant. remember those perrenial gardens i post a lot about? they’re mostly weeds with a few gorgeous flowers here and there. we just don’t have time to weed those beds. at least not this year. we do put time into the vegetable garden.  the day we put in the garden, we worked while adam napped. the older two…read more


the strawberry pie recipe

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my grammy makes her pie crust with oil. i usually use butter in my pie crusts, but this recipe is VERY easy. if you’re afraid of making pie crusts and resort to the store-bought ones, i urge you to at least try this one. it’s so very simple. and it tastes really good with this particular pie. CRUST:2 cups flour1/2 cup canola oil3 T. cold waterRoll out between 2 sheets of wax paper.  Remove top sheet and flip onto the pie dish.  Carefully remove the other sheet and work dough…read more


strawberry pie

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thanks to grammy for the very easy and very delicious strawberry pie recipe. the older boys helped me while adam napped and we all ate it for dessert last night while celebrating father’s day with my parents. mmmm mmmm, good! mom and i picked a few more pounds of strawberries this morning (as soon as the farm opened!) and rowan and sawyer just helped me clean and de-stem them for freezing. i’m looking forward to the fresh taste of strawberries in december. or january.


conversations with rowan

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me: “rowan, father’s day is on sunday – what special thing should we do for daddy?”rowan: “um…i think we should get him a present.”me: “that’s a good idea. what do you have in mind?”rowan: “um, i think he needs….a new car!”(and he’s never seen a episode of the price is right in his life!) later that day…after me suggesting we buy daddy a new fishing pole… me: “so rowan, would you like to go fishing with daddy this weekend?”rowan: “yes! can sawyer come?”me: “yes, but you’ll need to share your…read more