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it started so innocently. i never owned a sewing machine until i married kenny. kenny built amazing costumes for a few shows and actors in his theatre day, so it was only natural that he owned a machine. it began collecting dust when he met me since i took up all of his time. then a dear friend of mine in our previous church gave me her portable (not built-into-a-table) sewing machine when her eyesight started going. we are owners of two really cool, really old machines. fast forward to…read more


summertime sabbath living

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this morning, we (rowan, adam, kenny, and i) walked outside while the fog still rose above our trees. the chickens were already out, grazing (we forgot to lock them up last night…i guess we got lucky as there are still 15 of them), waiting for some water. we watered them, then passed through the garden, finding a few tomatoes not quite ripe enough to pick. perhaps tomorrow. next stop was the blueberry bush. rowan and i picked about 2 dozen berries for their oatmeal. rowan couldn’t wait to show sawyer…read more



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it was a dark, thick-with-fog-kind-of morning: perfect for sleeping in! after a late night sharing munchies, fabulous red wine, and microbrews with old friends (on our deck!) we were blessed with three boys who slept in until 7:15!  as we crawled into bed at 12:05 this morning, i was so worried about how tired i would be at our normal 6:03 a.m. wake up call from adam. it was a pleasant surprise that we awoke before the boys did and just waited in bed for them to wake up. at…read more


a post chock full of photos!

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i never posted about adam’s first birthday (almost 2 months ago!), here are pictures of his “day of birth” and one of his first birthday. after three kids, it’s still incredible and amazing to me to see their growth and development in the first year of life! he’s been walking from room to room for about a week now. he was taking steps here and there for a while now, and then all of a sudden decided that this week was a good one to begin walking. he won’t stop…read more


summer eating goodness or “build a fence, already!”

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our garden continues to be munched on by a particular small, grey rodent of sorts…some things are surviving, but i’m afraid that our pole beans will not produce beans this year. the lima bean plants look really good, however, as do the green pepper, celery, and one lone cucumber plant. and our tomatoes? they’re going crazy. i’m afriad all the green globes that are forming will turn red on the same day and i’m going to have to can and make salsa within a 24-hour time slot. yikes! at least…read more


the sand and surf

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**PHOTO UPDATE** – i don’t know how i managed to forget the highlight of sawyer’s afternoon yesterday – the boat ride! our friends, dave and sharon (the parents of “big adam” and sophia), have a canoe and dave and kenny took the older boys “out for a paddle” towards the end of the day. sawyer has since instructed me to go to walmart and buy us a boat. photo attached below… a few pictures of our day sunning, grilling, fishing, swimming… is there a way to make the summer last…read more



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i don’t think it’s a coincidence that since my last post about having moved to the “unknown countryside,” that beautiful things have happened. i made a roast turkey for dinner on tuesday (remember? it was on my monday menu planning list!) and our house was filled with that familiar culinary smell of late-november. for the first time in i-don’t-know-how-many-years, however, it did not make me long for the cooler days of the fall, the golden colors on the trees, and the promise of christmas right around the corner. we’ve been…read more


moving: a year later

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april 18th of this year was our one year anniversary of moving into the home of our dreams, on the lot of our dreams, at a fairly early age. we couldn’t be more thankful for such a fun thing to celebrate without an actual party-celebration (we were brand new chicken parents on april 18th, having picked them up at the hatchery just two days previous!). when we first moved here, i was sad a lot. i cried a lot. it probably had something to do with the fact that i…read more


menu planning monday

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it’s been a while since i posted what we’re having for dinner…so here’s this week’s menu! monday: BBQ chicken breasts, baked rice, broccoli (baked rice recipe below)tuesday: Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, petit poiswednesday: egg salad sandwiches on homemade bread, salad, carrots and hummousthursday: feta quiche with baby spinach saladfriday: Rockin’ Moroccan Pita (recipe below)saturday: pasta salad with breadsunday: leftovers *   *   *   * Rockin’ Moroccan Pitas1 T. ground cumin1 tsp. chili powder1 lb. chicken breast, shredded4 T. olive oil1/4 cup lemon juice2 cans chick peas, rinsed3 green onions (from our…read more


the latest buzzzzzzz

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kenny should really be the one writing this post, but he gave up blogging for Lent a while back and just never got back into it (actually, it was around the time sawyer was born, 2004, when he gave up on blogging). he’s the mastermind behind our next big project, which kicked off officially today: beekeeping.  we spent the morning making sweet and sour meatballs to take with us to the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association’s Summer Picnic/Potluck. we were expecting there to be perhaps 10-15 folks there sharing our meatballs,…read more