the big dig

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it’s a big day here. at 7:15 a.m., the ground across the street was broken for the laughlin lodge. kenny’s documented it in film (daniel, you may not want to watch. this film shows the destruction of (spindly, skinny) trees, albeit for a good cause):


the heat. the rain.

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a mixture of rain and high heat and humidty has kept us indoors for the majority of the week. this makes a mama of three boys a bit ancy… the jungle gym misses the little climbing feet that it’s used to in the late afternoon/evening hours with daddy as mama gets dinner ready/cleans up from dinner. my row of zinnias hasn’t been cut back in ages…maybe tomorrow? the blueberry bush out back was suffereing from not-being-picked-enough this morning (so i picked and baked blueberry muffins before rowan and sawyer awoke)….read more


the sky

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tonight, i got to spend time alone pouring over patterns and materials, floss and frames…all by myself! sadly, we only have joann’s and michael’s, but i am determined to find onlines sources for cheap but lovely materials. i am starting small, but planning BIG. when i returned from my shopping, kenny and i were chatting about how i can make the boys’ halloween costumes this year (!!!). so i asked rowan what he wanted to be for halloween…bad idea. because now, he thinks halloween is tomorrow. or in “two sleeps…read more


weekend recap…and welcome to monday!

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i actually experienced post-vacation “let down” for a few hours on saturday. fortunately, it only lasted a few hours, otherwise, we’d be on our way back to another beach (where it isn’t raining) right now. sunday morning was lovely…woke up to partly sunny skies, black coffee in our mugs, and boys who love to snuggle. we put up a new hummingbird feeder on the deck, so we were entertained by “fly-bys” and territorial wars between the one lone male and about five females: the boys couldn’t get enough: after church,…read more


we interupt this sewing roll…

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…for a trip to the beach! we’re a few hours from lake erie, one of the “great lakes,” so the beach is similar to the ocean beach, without the fear of sharks. or crabs. or the 12 hour drive! there is nothing like a vacation around the water with the sand. i don’t know what it is, but me and this “getting old” thing is making me long for many more hot days. i’m afraid i’ll be looking up retirement villages (Del Boca Vista phase II, anyone?)  in a few…read more


somebody, stop me!

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i just can’t get enough of the sewing machine! rowan’s $.25 pants: sawyer’s pants are already cut out…i’ll sew them up tonight!