a warm discussion during the coldest months…

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if you’ve been here in the last day or so to check up on a new entry here (if you’re not subscribed to any blog feed…) you will have noticed that brand new animated button on my right hand side bar. with no explanation on my part – how rude! a few weeks ago, serina asked the question, “what is your favorite jane austen book?” at her blog. the comments section was packed with answers, and from that came an idea to host an online discussion of Austen’s Persuasion. so…come…read more



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this image makes me happy:   that is a freezer full of beef, but not your average beef. this is local, grassfed, organic beef. ahhhhh. lots and lots of ground beef (meatloafs, burgers on the grills, meatballs!) and several different kinds of steaks and roasts and stewing beef, and short ribs. i’ll need your help with advice on cooking short ribs. (thanks, volus!) hopefully soon we’ll find a side of pig, and we’re going to order some broiler (day-old) chicks to raise for the 9 weeks they get in this…read more


and the week goes on and on and on…

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we’ve been under a thick layer of snow since monday. i know that “thick” is relative as new england is under feet and we’re under mere inches. but if i can’t see the grass, then it doesn’t matter how many inches or feet is there: snow is snow is snow, and it means boots and gloves and hats and heavy coats that make strapping three boys into three carseats difficult and it also means the endless puddles of melted snow after a five second walk from the car. oops, sorry,…read more


christmas past and the great “ketchup” post

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yesterday (saturday), when everyone woke up, kenny and i were planning what to do for the day. i suggested that we take the tree down (yes, our live tree was still up, dropping needles like crazy since we stopped watering it ages ago) and rowan burst into tears. he did not want the tree to go any where. ever. we talked to him a bit about how christmas will return next year, but we have to get that (dead!) tree out of our house in order for christmas to return….read more



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i had grand plans for us to celebrate epiphany this year: our nativity scene was set out at the beginning of Advent with only a few animals and an empty manger inside (or since it was only the animals – they’re feeding stall). Mary and Joseph were somewhere else in the house, as were the wisemen and a shepherd: all were making their way to the creche; Mary and Joseph were to arrive on christmas eve and the wisemen were to arrive on Epiphany (today!). i looked up different recipes…read more



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i’m really enjoying all the resolution and non-resolution promises i’m reading in blogland today. so much so that i feel as though i don’t have to do my own list. (whew!) we spent the eve of the new year with friends. today, we spend it in our pjs (still! it’s 2:00 pm!), with family, over a grilled pork loin and traditional saurkraut (and mashed potatoes and applesauce – a very bland looking but delicious meal!). it’s snowing outside – we’re supposed to get a few inches by tomorrow. i resolve…read more