music that moves

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when i first came across the web site for the movie Awake My Soul, i was struck. kenny sent it to me just two nights ago, and i still can’t get that music to leave my head. i scoured the web site for further information on this “shape note singing” and almost mysterious, however historical, hymnal, the Sacred Harp. i then scoured the internet for further information on this type of singing, this type of worship. i love this artist’s vision of shape note singing. that music is so…haunting? spiritual?…read more


our triumphant, holy day

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i wanted to come on here and post about our easter sunday, our easter weekend, our day of eggs and week of leftover ham to come. but i got nothing. don’t get me wrong, the boys looked stunning in their (1/2-size-too-small for them) double breasted suits and ties, dinner was a lovely time blessed with friends and family, candy-in-baskets abounded, and we even survived strep throat (rowan did). i even have some pictures to prove how lovely our easter weekend was. but i probably won’t post them just yet. Easter…read more


whispers of warmth

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we’ve gone straight from never-ending snow to never-ending rain. which means it’s at least above freezing, so i really can’t complain. but it’s not been warm. we’ve only been making it into the high 30s and mid 40s at best our local weathermen are really trying to push us into spring with forecasts in the 50s. we’re nowhere near. but, the longer days, and the never-ending rain is doing something. there are green shoots in our flowerbeds, there is a light greenish hue (albeit splotchy) coming back to the grass…read more


Always in my fridge

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My brother recently posted about the things that are always in his fridge. It wasn’t a meme, but i’m going to give it a go as well. And now he can have an opportunity to harp on something that I have in our fridge like I did with his diet coke. 🙂 So…what is usually always in our fridge/freezer: 4 gallons of milk delivered each week. It’s hormone-free, but not organic. It’s a price thing.Mayonnaise. Except we’re currently out. But it’s Kenny’s favorite. For sandwiches and fries.Yogurt. A lunch-staple for…read more


saints and an empty tomb

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i’ve been neglecting this blog. the boys (and kenny) have been fighting small colds over the past 3-4 weeks…and i seem to have developed a knack for getting sinus troubles for the first time ever. not fun at all. it’s a good thing i only have a handful of blog readers and i’m not paid for blog advertising. because once life gets busy, or filled with sick days, the blog is the first thing to be neglected. is anyone else finding this st.-patrick’s-day-during-holy-week a bit…well, off? this week is so…read more



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i’ve got some great jokes for you. so next time you’re in a joke-telling situation around the water cooler, at a playdate, or where-have-you, you’ll be all set. it all started last night at the dinner table: —————-rowan: mommy, can you tell me a joke?me: (i didn’t even know he knew what a joke was) um….um..kenny: i’ve got one! why did the skunk go to church?rowan: (laughs hysterically)kenny: i haven’t gotten to the funny part yet.rowan: oh. (still laughing)kenny: to sit in his own pew!rowan: (stops laughing…) (gotta love a…read more


lions and lambs

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march is my favorite month. because it means that winter is nearing an end. if it wasn’t a leap year, yesterday would have been the first of march, and it would have roared in like a loud lion. we got dumped on again – another 6 inches or so. today it’s gorgeous: in the 30s with sunshine. there are a few light flurries, not the constant fall of snow like we had yesterday. so does that mean that march has come in like a lamb this winter? and does that…read more