upon opening my pantry door….

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do you think he’s protecting something?


site changes

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bear with me (ha! another pun!) as the site may change it’s look from time to time. we’re trying to launch a spring look for smithical (because i’m a fashion designer and all) and we’re working out color and print kinks. i’m not quite happy with it, but my graphic designer husband has a full-time job that takes him away from MY honey-do list. if only i shared his graphic design and computing knowledge. i’m just a lackey with a loud voice….


randomness. for those of you interested in the banal parts of life (as opposed to, say, black bear in your front yard)

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sawyer calls his stuffed frog, “booby.” i have no idea where he came up with it, but they have crazy names for a lot of their animals…this one just stuck. funny. when we’re listening to music in the car and it’s turned down low, sawyer’s way of asking us to turn it up is, “can you please low it up?” rowan still says, “todeger” when he means “together.” adam is our first child that babbles. he has his very own language and way of speaking and it’s clearly intonations that…read more


bee predator

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we had just finished eating dinner and the phone rang. it was my mom: “There are three bear in your yard.” i repeated that sentence a few decibals louder than she did, kenny grabbed the camera and snapped one shot as they walked west past our barn. then kenny left the house and chased after the three bear. people, this was 5:30 in the afternoon! we’re always outside this time of day until at least 7:30. have i mentioned before how much bear love honeybees? the bees, the honey, and…read more


busy as bees

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you’ll have to forgive the abundance of bee puns i’ll be making around here. i just can’t help myself. the honeys (short for honeybees) are moved in and all unpacked, living and working in their new hives. kenny takes the boys down to the hives at least 23 times a day “to say hello.” but in all these trips he’s noticed that the bees seem to be doing their job. they enter the hive with pollen on their legs (a sign that the queen might have already come out of…read more


the mail came early today!

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at 7:19 a.m. this morning the phone rang. it was the post office in our small little town (since the general store closed down last summer, the post office and the methodist church are the only thing in town next to several houses). 10,000 honeybees were waiting for us and i don’t think they wanted to wait until our normal 3:30 pm delivery time to get them out of their office. kenny and rowan hopped in the car and went to pick them up. spraying the screen with sugar water….read more


dirt under our fingernails

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it certainly is that time of year again…the time to dig in the dirt and enjoy the mess. warm temperatures and sunny skies have been dominating the cloudy weather lately. i can’t wait for this book to come out next month. i plan on finding some fun stuff to do outside all summer long! kenny’s been wanting to plant trees for a while now, so we spent yesterday evening planting three new fruit trees in our yard. our orchard trees are old and produce maybe a pear once a year…read more


the one-year birthday

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please join me in wishing our beloved chickens a happy birthday today! a year ago on this date, it was frigid…20 degrees and windy and we bundled up and headed west to pick up a small box of squeaky chicks. today, not one of those chickens would be able to fit into that small little box. we’ve lost only two chickens in one year, and that is remarkable. the other day, rowan asked me, “will the 14th and the 15th chicken that got taken by the hawk and run over…read more


a counter-cultural life

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last week, when serina and i were sitting in crawling traffic inside the liberty tubes (who knew that there was a wikipedia source for the liberty tubes?!), we chatted about the struggle of Everywoman in america today: the desire to raise goats and sheep. fortunately, we are of one mind on this issue (well, she more than i, but i’m getting there), so we were able to talk up our dreams and encourage each other that it was within reach. and that’s where my problem begins. i don’t know if…read more


for the love of fabric, shape-note singing, and those beautiful UV rays.

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we’ve been spending the majority of our days on the outside of the house lately. it feels great to not need a coat, and to roam the yard again without heavy boots and deep snow keeping us from walking easily. maybe it’s because this yard has so much more foliage and life beneath the ground than our old yard did…but this year again, i’m surprised (by joy, of course) at the new buds forming on the otherwise dead-looking tree branches, and the bright green shoots sticking up out of the…read more