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kenny got in a fight with a honeybee yesterday. here he is with his eye open:   i think the honeybee won.



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would somebody please tell the atmosphere that it’s the END of MAY? these cooler temperatures and rainy days are supposed to come in April, and May is the month of flowers. i guess the current atmosphere wasn’t taught the “april showers bring may flowers” rhyme? geez. we’ve got two more days of rain and highs in the 50s to go until we can experience warm sunshine again (starting friday!). it’s been like this for about two weeks now. we already put away our winter wardrobe, so i’ve been washing and…read more


a healthy twist on chicken fingers

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this past week has been a bit of a challenge in the eating department. i struggle with getting food (any food!) into their mouths on most days, or getting quality food, even if it’s not much of it on others. it’s a new challenge every morning. but it’s a learning process, and all of our food choices won’t change overnight, i’m well-aware of that fact!some things that we did this past week: after my mom read this waldorf eating entry last week, she showed up at the door with bags…read more


springtime madness

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despite it being a frigid 50 this past week, we’ve had little outside work to do as nothing is blooming or growing. not even the weeds. fortunately so, as we’ve had our hands tied up with the wildlife. this is what a perfectly good, never-before-used bee frame looks like. this is what you put into a hive box when you start a bee colony:   this is what happens when those dirty rotten black bear scoundrels get their dirty little paws on them: and here’s a close-up: edited to add….kenny…read more


the three-year-old’s practice

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i missed yesterday’s t-ball festivities, since i was at home waiting for the game commission to drop off a big old bear trap, but more on that later… sawyer’s three-year-old t-ball team meets indoors. thank goodness for that as it was cold and rainy again yesterday. i sent kenny and dad away with camera in hand and told him not return without a good set of pictures. i look at these pictures and want to just squeeze the little guy. how cute is he????   the three-year-olds did a lot…read more



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when rowan was born, kenny and i sat up at night staring at our sleeping newborn dreaming about all the adventures we’d get to take with him. we dreamed of his baptism, his first steps, meeting his future sibling, “going off to kindergarten,” and all the fun sports, or arts teams he’d be a part of (his parents are of the artsy persuasion but we do know the importance and fun of being involved in sports. i was a cheerleader, afterall, so i know all about team S-P-I-R-I-T!). tonight, rowan…read more


waldorf eating

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…and i don’t mean the salad, but i love me a good waldorf salad (even though i take all the walnuts out as i’m not a big fan). a few months ago, i was reading a blog of a woman who had sent her girls to an in-home daycare/preschool that used the waldorf style of childraising in their daily schedule. if you don’t know anything about the steiner waldorf schooling or childraising philosophy, a quick read here will fill you in. i don’t subscribe to many of the teachings, but…read more


a vacation, a convention, and a lot of rain.

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the boys have been asking about visiting their grandma and grandpa lately. so a few weeks ago, rowan called them up and told them that they were on their way. fortunately, he made the plans to visit on the same weekend that our state’s homeschooling convention was taking place just half an hour away from grandma and grandpa’s house, so we all drove out there last week, dropped the kids off with grandma and grandpa and had ourselves a mini-vacation! the morning we left for the convention, the weather turned…read more


because people like to say SALSA

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ten points to those who can correctly identify that quote. (and some major props from kenny.) we’ve tilled 3 1/2 rows and are trying to figure out which plants and seeds to put where. i’m planning on making salsa a lot this summer. because i’ve come to realize i just don’t like store-bought, jarred salsa. the fresh stuff is definitely the way to go. the only problem is…i don’t have a recipe for homemade salsa. i can look up recipes in books and online, but first i’d like to check…read more


the queen is free!

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kenny took out the empty queen cage from the hives yesterday! when the bees are shipped to you, they separate the queen from the workers by sending her in her own cage. she and the worker bees eat their way through a sugar cork at the end of the cage. this way, the workerbees have time to accept her without harming her. once she is free, the workers do their thing to feed her and produce more workers with her. the following picture shows the beginnings of some comb that…read more