pizza dough

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yesterday, we made homemade pizza. BBQ chicken pizza to be exact. it was delicious. kenny grilled the chicken to perfection with my favorite BBQ sauce (i love making my own sauce, but i love this flavor in the summer months, despite all the prefab ingredients!) and it had just the amount of mozarella and BBQ sauce on the crust. we enjoyed yesterday’s pizza with a local white wine and a bag of potato chips (a compromise between our favorite ways to eat pizza). let’s talk about making our own pizza…read more


she hit the nail on the head. again.

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i’ve linked to jennifer’s blog, “Et Tu?” before, but i absolutely must point you to her article in America Magazine, found here. it’s brilliant and lovely. she takes a controversial, yet important subject and wraps it in grace.


summer sharing…

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we are keeping very busy being outside. depsite the recent raindrops, we’ve had some great weather days and have been enjoying some play and outside yardwork. we’re FINALLY getting to the front door area that i can’t stand. i hope to have before and after pictures eventually, but the work we’re doing is minimal since i have big plans to add a big country front porch eventually. i’ve been doing a bit of sewing. remember how i got into sewing just a year ago with these fun pants (that’s three…read more


the enemy

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this is what we fight every spring, summer, and fall. the deer tick: that little poppy-seed-sized bug is what gives a human of any size lyme disease. we search the boys’ every night for the little buggers. until the first snow that sticks. once the snow melts in march, we start the nightly bug-check. i really don’t know what’s worse – the bear, or the tick. your thoughts?



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rowan and sawyer had their first, ever outside-the-home-without-mom-or-dad-hovering (well, sort of) learning experience last week in the form of a local Vacation Bible School program. our church is too small and, well, let’s just keep it at that…too small to have a VBS and the older two are finally old enough to attend, so i signed them up at the local church and i can’t tell you how much they (and we!) enjoyed it. i don’t remember much about VBS, but i attended it as a student and a helper…read more


happy father’s day!

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to my dad:     and the dad of my boys: and to all the other dads out there – my grampy, my brothers, my brothers-in-law, my father-in-law….



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a week ago, the boys and i met a friend and her kids for a hike in the woods. it was a lovely day and we were shaded by big trees so we weren’t too hot. unfortunately, my left shin met a not-so-nice tree stump sticking up out of the ground and i got one nasty looking scratch. i was afraid to look at it for two days, but when i finally did, it looked yucky. and by that second day, my lower leg began to hurt. of course i…read more


one local summer, week 2

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i missed week one because i couldn’t pull together a meal with strawberries and asparagus – the only two things in season right now! week two will be published at farm to philly. stay tuned for more delicious meal ideas! so i did more searching and purchasing this week. i splurged and went with local meat sold at a local family farm. i’m also leaning on their strawberries this week as we’ll probably be picking and freezing some from another local u-pick farm later in the week for our fall…read more


a quick, fun project

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here’s a fun little project that rowan, sawyer, and i did over the past week. homemade (washable!) placemats! i found this project idea in amanda soule’s the creative family and it turned out to be ideal for rainy summer days (of which we’ve had plenty over the past few weeks, along with those few days in the 90s). we were goign to do it when ramona was visiting, but were having too much fun outside! instead we made one for her after she left and we’ll send it to her….read more


my baby is TWO!

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happy birthday, little adam! you are the first smith boy to have a second birthday and NOT have a younger brother in the house. your big brothers adore you, look after you, include you, and can’t remember life in the house without you. even if sawyer wasn’t so sure about you at first: your daddy and i are amazed at how quickly you’ve grown, how different you are than your older brothers, and regardless of how much of a handful you are at times, how much of a blessing you…read more