our sabbath evening craziness

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after a very easy sunday evening meal (rotisserie chicken from giant eagle with mashed potatoes and fresh tomatoes and pickles, both from the garden!), we headed outside before the threat of a thunderstorm. kenny and i were able to throw the aerobie around for about half an hour while the kids ran circles around us and their jungle gym. half an hour of frisbee is quite enough for me, especially after an afternoon of bike-riding, so we decided to sit and watch the boys run circles around us. within seconds…read more


getting in touch with his five-year-old inner feelings

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since knowing kenny, he has introduced me to some of the better musicals out there, and i know i’ve mentioned this before, but this story has a different point, i promise. one by-product of knowing a lot of musicals is the constant singing in our house. from kenny to me, to the boys…there is always humming, singing, wannabe belting (on my part, of course!). there is one song from Side Show that i sang to the boys a year ago and found a video of the song for them on…read more


my apologies…

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…for leaving this blog home to many crickets over the past few weeks…but i’ve been literally experiencing blog-writers-block. i have no idea what to write about. my online time these days has been focused on scheduling our semester and reading others’ blogs and who was it who got me hooked onto facebook back in november? ugh! at least i’m reconnecting with people i haven’t talked to in years, and that’s been fun for this very lonely-out-in-the-country mama! 🙂 any way, here are images that encompass the majority of our summer…read more