chaos…i mean soccer

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rowan and sawyer started soccer a few weeks ago. i think kenny and i have secretly been waiting for soccer season to begin since rowan was born! we were surprised to find that our local YMCA doesn’t have soccer until january, and it’s indoors. to me, soccer and fall go hand in hand, so i was a bit disappointed when i went to sign them up. then i found another (still local) YMCA offering sign-ups for their soccer season, starting at the end of august and running through october. perfect!…read more


autumn’s here…

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it’s as though our neighborhood responded to an overnight memo that autumn has begun since i see a burst of new color coming from the trees just today. perhaps it’s the incredibly dry summer we’ve had, and the leaves will all just change color quickly, get crispy and fall off at the same time. this is a change from last autumn as it was so wet we could never get the leaves up off the ground, and they sat under a winter’s worth of snow for several months. we’re finally…read more


and then there were…

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…10. last week, the boys were tucked in bed and kenny and i were watching a movie in our bedroom. it was around 10:30 and we were 20 minutes into the movie when we heard it: the sound of chickens screaming. screaming! loudly! we knew exactly what was going on and kenny ran outside as quickly as i could pause the movie. they got louder and louder and then finally stopped once kenny got out there. he found one dead chicken, secured the chicken tractor and came back in. an…read more


fare thee well….

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last week, we said good bye to our beloved cat, greymalkin. kenny got grey when she was just 6 weeks old. this year, she turned 17. it was her time, and it was harder than we imagined. she was very devoted to kenny, although recently she preferred my feet to his to sleep on. it took us two days to tell rowan and sawyer. they loved that cat and loved to play with her (much to her…um…disliking). we told her the day kenny and the boys made a little stepping…read more


closing out summer….

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this past weekend, we spent a lot of time on the road…but even more time with family and friends. my older brother and his wife live in Michigan, and my sister-in-law’s family all have little trailers in a development called Sandy Pines, so we spent the weekend there. this is not an ordinary trailer park. it’s a park around a very large lake and the trailers are like mini beach homes with decadent decking, porches, landscaping and gourmet-ish kitchens. the place is a paradise for kids. the boys (and their…read more