october is for scarecrows not snowmen!

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but look what we awoke to this morning: yes, it’s pretty. yes, it’s calming…except when you stop and realize that it’s OCTOBER and there are still LEAVES ON THE TREES! i know, i’m yelling…but i’m just not ready for it yet. however…i can’t let on how annoyed i am when the kids are so excited at the sight of the first snow of the year. adam enjoyed his secod cup of hot cocoa ever: and the sound of rowan’s voice over the monitor this morning was priceless. kenny and i…read more


a minor detail…

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we started painting the living room this past saturday. we got about halfway down the top of the wooden mantle (above the fireplace) when we realized there was a strong possibility that we were painting over oil-based paint. and we were (of course) using latex paint. we called the son of the previous owner (who is a contractor), left him a message, cleaned off our paint brushes and sat and twiddled our thumbs until he called us back. he didn’t call back until 9:40 that night, so we didn’t get…read more


renovation notebook; entry # 1

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we are at my least favorite time in a home renovation process: the beginning. we are planning a big task…it involves our two biggest rooms (living room and dining room) and a high-traffic area (hallway). i am very thankful that we have a back staircase to use. otherwise we’d have to move out of the house until we were done. and it might be taking us a few weeks. we are tearing up some old, old carpet, and laying down hardwood floors. we’re also painting some dark colors in each…read more


moon fire

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yesterday was cool and sunny, brisk and slightly windy. it was the perfect evening for a campfire that happened to take place under a half moon.   since we’re finishing off the moon unit in school, it was a great coincidence that the moon was visible in the evening sunlight. rowan identified it as a “half moon, not a crescent” and we watched it move from one side of the roof to another as we campfired. we roasted marshmallows and sipped hot cocoa from a thermos; we got cocoa-messy and…read more


no fun at all.

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it’s no fun being part of a historical event in a church that results in a split. a schism. today, at pittsburgh’s diocesan convention, the diocese voted to leave the Episcopal Church USA. i appreciate this statement made by reverend james simons (rector of St. Michael’s in the Valley).