school update

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i’ve finally updated our schooling blog if you’re interested. 🙂


new masthead?

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i know i should change the “summery” masthead to a lovely winter-wonderland picture. but honestly, that would tip the scales to “too much snow” for me. we have over a foot of snow out there, and the weather forecast shows more snow to fall. and more. and even more. it’s just not going to give up this winter. our country roads are covered, even our highways are white. i would not call this “wonderland” when it feels more like “entrapment.” today we watched some home video from our trip to…read more


a second beginning

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our post-christmas family “vacation” week was full of canceled plans. i keep refering to new year’s as “last week” and am confused when i see that it was actually two weeks ago. we had big plans for the new year’s week: building projects (kenny), in-the-kitchen projects (both of us), sewing projects (me), trips to museums and libraries as a family, but mostly fun new year’s eve AND new year’s day plans with friends, and a dinner with more friends over the weekend. instead, there was a lot of snuggling and…read more