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two very different reason why i love having boys…. wrestling with daddy after dinner is a common practice. they don’t wrestle with mommy (and that’s quite alright with this mommy). i just run and grab the camera, or hide. they still bring me flowers. i don’t know how they learned this but since we moved into the house three years ago, they have always picked and brought me flowers (crocus or tulips from the garden). beauty attractive to a woman, and thought up by a couple of boys. it adds…read more


artwork and adam

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adam, who is currently our 2 years and 9 months old, is turning into a little artist. it’s a little later than the time that sawyer started drawing a lot. i thought, for the sake of documenting, i’d report on a few pictures he’s been doing. coloring is his favorite. he will sit at the kitchen table and color for 45 minutes, sometimes an hour at a time. it’s normally one color per picture (see above photo), and he’s still learning the names of those particular colors, but each day…read more


of blood and honey

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our weekend flowed with blood and honey. not the good kind of honey. but first…the blood: i am no good when it comes to blood. it’s the only thing i’m pretty much terrified of when i’m solo-parenting, which, fortunately, isn’t very often at all. saturday night, adam slammed his mouth into an edge of a wooden piece of furniture. when i heard the screaming, i ran to him and held him tight (praying over and over that there would be no blood…something i do everytime one of them hits their…read more


a proposal in russian

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the following video is a private moment, made public by the permission of the two important characters of the film: my brother-in-law greg (kenny’s brother), and our soon-to-be sister-in-law, mila. congratulations, greg and mila!!! (click on the above link).


Lenten Carnival

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Jessica at Homemaking through the Church Year is holding a Lenten carnival today. I submitted the Lenten Tree Cross idea at the carnival, but there are other great ideas listed there to use in your home during the season of Lent.


lent 1

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Glory be to Jesus, who in bitter pains poured for me the life blood from his sacred veins! it seems fitting that the same wood that was adorned in greens and beads, ornaments and lights at the celebration of His birth be reused to commemorate the days and weeks leading up to His death (and resurrection!). the christmas tree was saved, exposed to the elements of snow and ice over the past several weeks and cut this weekend; formed into a cross and carved to hold seven candles, a rustic…read more