a new year…and no more naps.

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i’ve always been a fan of this time of year…a new school year, new paper and freshly sharpened pencils….a new wardrobe all neatly laid out for the first day of school (what? you didn’t lay out your first-day-of-school outfit the night before?). we’ve been busy the past month nesting. i love to nest in august because it makes me feel as though i’m getting ready to go back to school again (bound and determined to get a straight-A report card!). last saturday morning, we woke up and kenny decided to…read more


i really do have a lot to say…

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…but wow! has time gotten away from me, and i think i’m ADD now. 🙂 i just started this post and something on PBS suggested grabbing a cup of coffee and now i forgot what i was going to blog about and all i want is to make a great big tall glass of ice cold decaf iced coffee….mmmmmm….. i’ve been spending most of my “free time” preparing lessons for the upcoming school year. i can’t stress enough how much i LOVE lesson-planning, and how much i can’t wait for…read more


my first handspun skein

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here is my first skein from a roving of alpaca wool i finally got around to preparing for spinning. it’s done purely on a drop-spindle, and not a wheel. it’s completely “chunky” and not at all even. like i said, i have a long way to go, but i’ve caught the spinning bug. i look for 5 minutes to steal away every so often just to get some spinning in. i’m getting the hang of the drop spindle enough now that it makes it an enjoyable little hobby for me….read more


it’s kinda like bringing home a new baby. or two.

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we awoke with the sun….except there was no sun, just lots of clouds and a steady, heavy rain. the sheep arrived at 10:15 this morning, during the heaviest of downpours and we’ve been captivated ever since. we stand inside and outside the fence, watching them frolic, graze and sit down in their abundant shade. my dad’s been having fun all day coming up with clever sheep-related bible verses. he’s cracking himself up. 🙂 daisy and violet joined us today as the first two livestock on our little hobby farm. although…read more