advent in our home

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kenny and i met, married, and baptised our three baby boys in the episcopal church. for the entire time we’ve been a family, we’ve been liturgical. from the grace we say at our table before dinner every evening (from Kitch’s “Anglican Family Prayer Book”) to the books that i cycle in and out during the church and seasonal calendar, our home follows the rhythm of the Church year. about 10 months ago, we stopped worshipping on sundays in our episcopal, liturgical church and found ourselves in a church at the opposite…read more


Geneva, the Donkey

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so we got ourselves a donkey this weekend. meet Geneva: donkeys protect sheep extremely well, and we found one on craigslist last week, being sold by a retired sheep farmer. she’s the sweetest, most gentle thing. however, she really knows how to BELLOW and put her foot down so you cannot move her. she’s strong and for the first day or so, was very afraid and missed her previous owner. but for the past two days, she’s been in the pasture the whole day, following the sheep around….and yelling for them…read more


a season…

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i find myself in a season with this blog….i haven’t written more than a few posts over the past few months! oh, i remember the days when i’d write a post a day for weeks on end. and it’s not that i’m short on material as i have daily blog posts i could be writing that my boys provide to me in forms of phrases, games they make up, picture they draw, inventions they think up.. i am, however, short on energy to dedicate here. when i started this blog,…read more