donkey trouble

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okay, so it’s not really trouble, but we’re learning from our mistakes lately…(click on the images for a larger view). we decided to let cosmo and her little lamb (who the boys have named tommy, but we are encouraging them to actually not name him…for reasons we’ll explain to them later. we actually have already explained it to them, but not since the lamb’s birth because it’s too emotional a subject for rowan and sawyer at this point. rowan asked me why we shouldn’t name the lamb to which we…read more


just born…

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putting up fences….

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i met a friend for breakfast this morning. she asked what i did this weekend and i could only remember what i did yesterday. friday? saturday? no idea. it took me until just now to remember the rest of the weekend. it’s not that it was too early of an hour…i’m a morning person, especially when it’s getting light at 6:00 a.m. now. i find i do this a lot: forget what i did yesterday. is that what getting old is all about? kenny and i put up more fencing yesterday…read more


the bard, his birth and death

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How are YOU going to celebrate this year? Here’s a little bit of freaky random knowledge: go to your KJV bible and open to Psalm 46 (what? you only have The Message? Shame on you! Just kidding….you can go online here). count to the 46th word, and then count back from the end of the psalm 46 words (not counting the musical/poetic term “selah”). What words did you fall upon? Freaky, isn’t it? There is claim that Shakespeare did some interpreting of the KJV bible, and this little “game” was…read more



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for the past three days, i’ve been walking around telling people that i have a weird nasal sinus infection. this morning, at the doctor’s office, i found out that it’s a kind of staph infection. as a typical patient, i hear the words “staph infection” and immediately see my body being whisked away to the ER with supplemental oxygen. i know, morbid, right? i’ve done some research, talked to a few friends and i’m glad i’m on a strong antibiotic because if you ignore staph, well, then you’re first of…read more


winter blues, spring fever, summer AHHHHHH…..

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spring is popping up everywhere, although in our neck of the woods it’s also feeling like summer with temperatures in the 80s this week. i think this past week was warmer than all of last summer put together! unfortunately, the beautiful weather is wreaking havoc on our school plans. i just don’t feel like it! and i’m the teacher!  thank goodness that school teachers also go through this so i know i’m not alone. except for the small fact that they have a boss and a paycheck that would disappear…read more


new linens and easter hats

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happy easter! today is the day for fresh linens on the altar, brand new beeswax candles, and new life for all. ps. i think we need to make a rule that all women need to wear big, beautiful hats on easter sunday. it sets them apart from the men in a way that says, “the risen savior showed himself to WOMEN before his disciples! WOO HOO!” sorry, men.


maundy thursday

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when you worship regularly at a liturgical church, you kinda get to know “what to expect” from any particular church service…especially the BIG HOLY (read: incense!!) days like Christmas Eve (“Hark the herald Angels Sing” is sung at the recessional) and Easter Sunday (“Jesus Christ is Risen Today” is sung at the processional). but you also get to know the smaller BIG HOLY days. like Maundy Thursday, Palm Sunday, and Ash Wednesday. today is maundy thursday, and if you happen into an episcopal church this evening you will find the…read more