summer days: the deck

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the spring after we moved into this house, kenny was hankering for our next home improvement project (the first being to rip out our second floor bathroom and install a shower). i strongly urged that we needed a deck. there was a 3×8′ porch off of the back porch, but there wasn’t a nice place to sit and enjoy our back yard view. we’ve done several other room updates in the house since the deck project, but we still feel as though the deck is one of the best additions…read more


fortunately, unfortunately.

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have you noticed the new line of clothing for women at Target designed by Liberty of London? i admit, i’m drawn to the fancy-schmancy designs and the vibrant colors. unfortunately, my husband is not and thinks their clothing is better suited for 70-year-olds whose closet is full of muumuus. fortunately, i just saw on that you can purchase fabric designed by them! unfortunately, the price tag of $35/yard inhibites me from making my own swanky little dress that my husband will just see as a muumuu. maybe that’s fortunate.


7 quick takes…

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for more quick takes, visit Jennifer at Conversion Diary! 1. after several chiropractor adjustments over a two-week period, adam woke up with a  fever monday morning that lasted all day and into the night. by tuesday morning, he was fever-free.  we’ve since stopped treating fevers. in other words, we don’t use motrin or tylenol anymore when our kids spike a fever. we do everything else possible to make sure they’re comfortable and that their body is resting. i’ve learned a lot lately about treating illnesses naturally since the four rounds…read more


olive kitteridge

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the book started out comfortably – like a big comfy sweatshirt on a cool day. then i got a bit confused with all the disjointed stories until i (quickly) realized that olive kitteridge was a character in all of them. i was never very comfortable with olive…she seemed to be the type of character who created “elephant in the room” moments, so i never felt more than just comfortable with the book. i never fell in love with any of the characters (except maybe olive’s husband, henry, who was just…read more


week in review: VBS and ichiban

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this past week, the boys spent their mornings at the little local church doing vacation bible school (VBS). it was the first year that adam was old enough to join them and the first time EVER that i had a whole week of three hours of kid-free time. i spent the entire three hours wondering if i would get a call from the teacher asking me to come pick someone up…or worrying that they weren’t having enough fun (although i KNEW they were having a blast as they always do…read more


birthday cake

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we do one big birthday party a year, since all three boys have a birthday in the summer months, and we think it’s best to not give a huge birthday party every single year for the kids. but i can save that subject for a whole ‘nother post. any way, we had a modest family party last night and i went all out to make adam understand how special he is even though we didn’t have a huge party (see? i’m already going off….) by making this cake that he…read more


when does the whirlwind slow down?

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it’s adam’s FOURTH birthday today. he’s been with us for a whole four years and 9 1/2 months, and i’m just slammed with emotion over it today. when rowan turned one, i was a blubbering fool remembering every last detail of his birth. but i thought it was because i was 8 months pregnant with sawyer. but this year, i’m finding myself just as emotional over the details of adam’s birth, specifically his brothers’ reaction to his birth, and their very young ages. as i look at my 4-, 5-, and…read more


my Summer of Reading LOTS and LOTS of books

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i love to read. but it takes me a few pages to usually get into a book, and i don’t have much patience to sit down and feel out if a book is going to be worth reading. fortunately, so far for my Summer Of Reading LOTS and LOTS of books (which means about ten in three months…i’m a slow reader), the first two books have been winners. The Help, by Kathryn Stockett was actually a slow-starting book. but i stuck with it because i LOVED the voices of the…read more


recalling the “slow down”

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it’s so easy to get so caught up in the frenzy of the technology-rich world we live in today. i admit to being just as caught up in it as the next one. as the sun shines warmer in this season, i’m reminded again of one of the reasons we wanted our little nook in the country: to slow down. certainly we all know that raising children doesn’t really allow us to sit back, enjoy our the quiet for hours on end. but that’s not the kind of slowing down…read more


the march of the penguins…

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look closely at this picture. adam’s sporting a penguin sticker that reads, “adjustments are cool.” after four rounds of antibiotics, his head/ear/sinus/eye infection seemed to come back this morning. i have changed my mind about tubes being the only way to combat ear infections. i’m no doctor, but i’m willing to join the ever-growing population of parents taking their kids to chiropractors to fight off ear infections. we all went. it was kenny’s lunch break, and i was glad to have him there, asking the questions that i couldn’t think…read more