a quick read…

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I finished this book in less than 24 hours, during which time I also slept about 8 hours, made breakfast, grocery shopped, made lunch, and did two loads of laundry. It’s a 375 page book, but the print is large and it’s a quick read – you just want so badly for the story to turn out well that you just keep reading. i tend to stay away from novels where a kidnapping is the main event, but something about the description of this novel gave me the sense that…read more


The Historian. An.Epic.Novel.

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I am FINALLY finished with this 676 page novel. It was engrossing and rich and lovely and spooky and LONG. It takes slow readers like me a bazillion and a half years to read in the first place, and this novel, so very enticing in its description of vampire lore (NOT the cheesy Twilight series kind…sorry Twilight fans) that i knew i had to try reading it. The first few hundred pages are very quick-paced and I thought for sure I’d finish it quickly. But then I reached page 400…read more


we have a poser. or two.

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adam never keeps a straight face when being photographed. he is silly, animated and we think we know where our theatrical genes have gone. or maybe sawyer picked up a few as well. he also loves to pose, loves to perform/sing/dance. rowan is our studious one. and of course these descriptions will all change very soon as their personalities are developing and changing and moving with the tides. how i love each and every part of these boys’ personalities.


dragons and cheeseballs

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rowan requested a dragon theme for his birthday bash this year. i was thisclose to not making this cake, but kenny encouraged me by telling me he’d help me make it. thank goodness because he’s very encouraging in the “you can do this!” department while i recoil at any cake decorating opportunities. but he was right, and the cake was much easier to assemble than i originally thought. i used Pioneer Woman’s That’s the Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had recipe and the directions for assembling the cake from Family Fun…read more


happy birthday, firstborn!

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it’s always hard for me to believe how big the boys are getting and so quickly. today rowan, our oldest, turns 7!  this summer alone he’s learned to ride a two-wheeler bike and to swim without any flotation device…we couldn’t be prouder of you, rowan tucker!


Before You know Kindness

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another book down, and i’m already well into the next one (The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova)! Chris Bohjalian has an intimate writing style. you get to know his characters immediately: their thoughts, their personalities, their history. this story was gripping enough to keep me reading, and i was really eager to see how it would turn out. the immediate and extended family in this book probably represents a great deal of families today. at least in this country. siblings and in-laws who get along, but talk about each other incessantly,…read more


fan of the fourth

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maybe its because i’m getting older. perhaps its because i’m reading a lot lately about how this country came to be…but i have become a huge fan of the Good Old American 4th of July. we were able to enjoy two fireworks displays this year – two days in a  row – which was HUGE for the boys. they love the colorful displays of larger-than-life sparks in the sky and kenny and i love watching them more than watching the fireworks. when we returned home from a picnic at a…read more


violet the woolie finds her life-purpose

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i think her maternal instincts have gotten the best of her.


no such thing (for me) as the summertime blues

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except, of course, when it’s chilly (and yes, mild weather in the 70s is chilly to me! when it’s in july!) back when kenny and i were living in pittsburgh, we had a $40/year membership with the city of pittsburgh pools (the price has since gone up since we’ve moved). this was a GREAT price for our little family of four (one baby, one toddler and two adults). we spent many summer evenings at the pool, took home two very tired boys to bed and they slept all night. i…read more