school recap, week 9: the “all hallow’s eve” edition!

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i hope to recap each or at least every other week of school this year so i have a better record of things we’ve done. pictures at the end of the post!  want to read more weekly wrap-ups of other homeschooling families?  check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers every Friday! we love halloween in our family. i consider it the official kickoff of the holiday season. the boys look forward to trick-or-treating beginning in november. yes, they talk about their costumes for 11 months straight. and their plans change with their interests…read more


owls! (again)

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our owl family was “featured” on the frugal family fun blog!  i’m so honored. 🙂


school week 8, recap

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i hope to recap each or at least every other week of school this year so i have a better record of things we’ve done. pictures at the end of the post!  want to read more weekly wrap-ups of other homeschooling families?  check out See Jamie Blog today! two full months under our belts already!  we’ve even “done school” on a few weekend days, so we’re way ahead of schedule already! this year is definitely flying. as i sit to type up the weeks events i can’t help but be…read more


school week 7, recap

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the leaves are so beautiful right now – we are definitely in peak season in western pennsylvania! the animals appreciate the cooler temperatures – what with all that wool on their backs and flies in their face all summer! we took advantage of the sun yesterday and planted wheat!  the students who went on the field trip on tuesday were able to take home the wheat berries that we threshed from harvested stalks and after we were done with math, spelling, and history, we planted ours! i almost forgot about…read more


our owl family

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i got crafty yesterday. i had to make a few prototypes of corn husk dolls for our homeschool co-op class next week, and adam wanted to paint. i remembered that i saw a great craft earlier that morning on a crafting blog, so i got him the brushes, the crayola paint (my favorite) and the toilet paper tubes we’ve been saving up. i showed him the picture and once the older two saw their younger brother painting, they all got in on the fun. my cornhusk dolls aren’t anywhere near…read more


the smell of fire upon me

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the boys and i spent the day with 30 other students (and their parents) at a local conservancy that was “established for the purpose of providing an environmental and cultural education center for the community.” our field trip was led by a local historian who provided our group an incredible hands-on learning experience. in our entire field trip, all the students were able to participate in cooking over fire, dipping candles, spinning wool, gathering apples and pressing them for cider, blacksmithing, wheat harvesting and planting, and we got to watch…read more


i gave in…

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i normally dont’ splurge on fall decorations because i think they’re overpriced even though they’re beautiful. i hope to have planted mums in our front yard eventually, and grow our own gourds and pumpkins everywhere. eventually… our local farmer is selling mums for $5.00 a pot. that’s the cheapest i’ve seen in years, so i splurged this year and actually BOUGHT mums. and pumpkins! we grew some decorative gourds this year – i want to grow even more next year! i hope your saturday is just as lovely as it…read more


school week 6, recap

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i know this blog has turned into a homeschooling blog. it morphed into it naturally because it’s pretty much what i think and breathe on a daily basis. if it’s not our family lessons i’m planning, i’m thinking about our homeschooling group’s field trips and co-op classes. our homeschool group started a teaching cooperative this week that will meet every other week until mid December. this is the first time we’re doing something like this outside of just field trips. tuesday morning was our first gathering and i was exhausted…read more


what we learned the week mama was sick

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(i was away for the weekend, so didn’t get around to posting last week’s recap until today!) i went to bed last monday night with a sore throat, and woke tuesday morning with a sore throat and fever. after seeing kenny off for work, i crawled back in bed and waited for an hour and a half to when the kids would wake up. i took a deep breath and mentally prepared myself for the energy I’d need to get the kids started on the day. mornings are usually a…read more