seven quick takes ~ mental health friday

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for the past few weeks, rowan has been asking for a “day off of school” to which i always responded, “you get TWO full days off every week!” i think it was beginning to dawn on him that “snow day” meant NO SCHOOL for those who go to school, and not just “it’s snowing today! let’s do math!” so today at 10:30, after i spent two hours cleaning out the boys closet and drawers, i decided that today was a no school day. rowan was overjoyed with the news. he…read more


american comfort food

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i have a recipe to share and it’s full of real, whole-food ingredients. it’s pure american comfort food, and i hope you’ll make it to share with your family or with another family sometime soon! i made it up on a whim this afternoon as i was craving a hearty meal as the snow began to fall. again. Savory Meat and Potato Pie 1 cup whole wheat flour (i use white whole wheat) 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour 2 tsp. sugar (i used sucanat) 1/2 tsp. sea salt 1/2…read more


19 weeks under our belt!

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monday…we celebrated martin luther king, jr and during the course of the week, i’ve heard adam yelling, “i have a dream!” and then he goes off in a poetic nature about mountains and stars. he remembers, as a four-and-a-half year old can. swimming at the Y after dinner. we all fell into bed tired and invigorated! tuesday… after morning classes i got to enjoy a mama date!  the boys and i spent the afternoon with our friends down in the city. i got to hang with another mama friend who…read more


observing martin luther king, jr.

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we kept class as normal today. we’re chugging along and will be done with school in late april at this clip! we did change up our history lesson (on Benjamin Franklin) today and jumped forward to the 1960’s to talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. it’s a touchy subject: slavery, and the civil rights movement. both are important and historical, but how do you introduce to someone, who is young enough not to notice, that at one time, white skinned people treated darker skinned people as though they weren’t created…read more


curriculum review of Classical Academic Press

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I was so excited when I heard that I was selected to review a product from Classical Academic Press, a company for which I already have much respect. This summer, after sorting through many curriculum web sites searching for a long time for a solid bible curriculum, I finally landed at Classical Academic Press‘ web site and discovered they offered their own bible curriculum. I didn’t even hesitate to order it since my experience with Classical Academic Press’ Latin curriculum has been a positive one. The author of the bible…read more


being more generous ~

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once i get past the fact that everything given to me isn’t mine, this last resolution is one of the easiest to accomplish. i don’t necessarily mean being more generous with our money. i am referring to generosity of time, of self, of “things” that own too much of our desires. i certainly need a lot of help being more generous with money because by nature, i am a tight-wad. i can jokingly blame the scotch-irish in my blood for this, but it’s a serious nature, and one that i’ve…read more


a call for peace

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i recently linked to two political-in-nature news stories at facebook and then participated in discussions about the articles. one of the discussions escalated a bit, and while it wasn’t completely heated, emotions were running high and i just felt a bit sick about it. i was turning into the person that i’m trying hard to fight against being. the angry, bitter, face-biter: yes. her. she’s not very attractive is she?  she might say some poignant deep thoughts once in a while, get a few “likes” to her angry voice, but inside…read more


being more intentional ~ the daily life

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i know i talk a lot about liturgy and the liturgical church calendar and you might just wish i would STOP already!  but i can’t. it’s not that i think it’s the ONLY way to worship. after all, we worship in a non-liturgical, non-traditional church. but my days and weeks and years still observe the liturgical calendar. what i love about the liturgical church is that it forces you to be INTENTIONAL throughout the year. there is purpose to the year, beginning with Advent, climaxing at Easter, and ending in Ordinary…read more


epiphany ~ blessing of the house

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Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn. ~isaiah 60:3 House blessings on Epiphany come from the visit of the Magi to the home of Jesus, and the gifts they gave to Him. God bless this house, from door to door, from wall to wall, from room to room, from basement to roof, from beginning to end. God bless this house and all who enter here, all who eat here, all who work here, all who play here, all who sleep here, all who…read more


epiphany ~ homemade nativity

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the last day of christmas has come. the boys and i spent the afternoon preparing our family 12th Night. their stuffed animals became key players in their own manger scene complete with three paper crowns for their favorite animals. we three kings: a shepherd (that’s the shepherd’s hook at the far left), and a sheep: the baby jesus (in a sock) with llama-mama-mary looking lovingly on: and my favorite, “view from the back”: today, the formed a star and hung it on the window behind the creche. it hasn’t moved…read more