week in review

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“why do you always talk about what your kids are learning each week?” when you are 100% responsible for your child’s education, and when you are an overly organized, crazy about documenting ANYTHING mother like me in the first place, you tend to make note of what you’ve learned. homeschooling blogs are all over the internet and we like to see how we teach our kids, get ideas from each other, and see how other homes incorporate different or similar curriculum. and the PA homeschool law is probably the strictest…read more


surprised by snow

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we had a field trip planned for yesterday morning and OH! how i dragged my feet about going! ┬áit was 20 degrees outside, the roads were snow covered, and the field trip was a hike outside for two hours. not really my idea of family! fun! i planned and organized the winter outing (which included snow-shoeing!), so i couldn’t really back out on everyone because i didn’t feel like going. so, i pushed forward through my unwillingness, and began packing up our snow clothes, warmed up the van and off…read more


obligatory monthly farm pictures

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the sheep love to eat, especially when it’s cold. they need as much energy as possible keep warm. yes, that wool keeps them warm, and even the donkey, without the wool, stays warm in the bitter temps. but it helps to stay warm when you’ve had a good amount of hay and water! the animals normally greet us by walking up to the gate when they hear us open and close the house doors. but if the snow is too deep, they wait inside the barn, or meet us at…read more


a cooking challenge

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a long time ago, in a galaxy….nevermind. a long time ago, i stole or borrowed (not sure which) my mom’s Betty Crocker Cookbook. it’s straight out of the Cold War. no, the 60’s free love revolution. i’m actually not sure how old it is because i can’t find any copyright information in it. i looked it up and found out it’s at least worth $63 and i guarantee you it’s not because of the quality of the recipes inside! i’ve made a few things from this cookbook before. but only…read more


our week in review: groundhogs, but no sno-nomi!

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on monday morning this week, i woke up to make cinnamon rolls for the boys as we had to be out of the house (that’s me and three boys) by 8:00 at the very latest. normally, the boys are getting out of bed between 7:45 and 8:00, so this was a giant feat. and i needed to shower. when the rolls were in the oven, i ran through the shower, then woke the boys up at 7:00. by the time they were awake, the rolls were ready to be frosted….read more


“A light to Reveal You to the Nations…”

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It is just before 7:00 a.m. as I type this, and the sky to the east (to my right) is just beginning to lighten. This is the earliest I’ve seen light at this hour in a long time. So no matter what the groundhog says, I am content to know that spring is right around the corner! I found Rembrandt’s work (to the left) of Simeon in the Temple purely by accident. The boys all touched on Rembrandt in their co-op on Monday, and I wanted to show them some…read more


Hay and Straw

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Yesterday, Kenny and I worked together to stash away our second delivery of hay in the barn (okay, he did all the work, I was merely the hay loft organizer). Hopefully these bales will last us well into spring, so the pasture has time to get thick and juicy for the summer months of grazing. The barn smelled of autumn again, with the addition of these meaty bales of nourishment. With the ice and snow to come today, it was a bit of a tease as it smelled of 60-degree…read more