farm update

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the lambs are growing so fast…as they always do. i am finding it harder to catch and lift them like it was so easy to do those first few days. in a few short weeks (even less!), i will no longer be able to lift them up and feel their soft little noses. they will be teenagers, bounding about the pasture without a care in the world. it’s so fun having more than one lamb in the pasture this year (we only had one last year) as we constantly find…read more


weekly wrap-up: the lambing season

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I can’t remember Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Monday is always Classical Conversations and piano lessons, so I know those were done. Tuesday and Wednesday were marked off in my planner as “done,” so I know those were done. But then Thursday happened. I woke at 6:00, as usual. The day was starting off to be dry and bright, so I knew I’d have enough sun by 7:00 to check on the barn animals. I’ve been heading to the barn earlier than normal (normal is anywhere between 8:00 and 9:00)…read more