Seven Quick Takes

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Join Jennifer at Conversion Diary every Friday for 7 Quick Takes! I admit, this is only 6 quick takes. This serves more of a “catch-up” post as I’ve lots to talk about, but never the OOMPH to sit and post. Tonight, my husband is partying with some bachelors (um…all married men, except this weekend’s groom), so I have time to sit and type while the boys play. And eat pizza and drink rootbeer: their own little bachelor party! Kenny and I are training for a 5K in August. I’ve always…read more



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it’s that time again…demolition and home improvement! we’ve redone many of the rooms in this house, and yet, there’s always more to do!  i remember walking into this house for the first time and seeing the potential. i knew that we’d be painting or redoing every single room in the house when we bought it…and we’re slowly but surely getting there! the first floor laundry room/bathroom has old, cracked linoleum flooring that has been drenched in urine over and over again. i cannot get the stench out since it’s UNDER…read more


“pray, don’t talk to me about the weather, mr.worthing…”

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there has been a lot of chatter lately about the depressing state of the weather in these parts. in fact, it has been noted that the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a fairly mild (cool) summer with lots of rain.  there is a small handful of people in the are who welcome this forecast, and then there are those who were looking forward to a nice hot summer. and then perhaps there are those of us who suffer through winter just to get to summer and do not want to accept…read more


meals in our home…

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friday night is always pizza night here. i make two separate doughs – one with half whole wheat flour and one with all whole wheat flour. the boys gobble up their specially-made pizza (rowan’s section has no cheese on it, the other two boys eat just about anything on theirs), and kenny and i share the gourmet, olive-oil, herb, whole wheat crust, tomato and specialty cheese pizza with a good strong red wine, and green leafy salad. i love pizza nights. we haven’t had a real pizza night in a…read more


gratitude ~ may 11, 2011

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dining al fresco after spending the afternoon in the warm sun…


“this is my winter song to you…”

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our atmosphere has been slow to welcome the warm spring and hot summer days this year, but i’m so thankful we’re on the beginning side of the warm-day-season. one thing that helped me make it through this harsh winter was the act of gratitude. i’m so thankful (see! gratitude!) that i didn’t tailspin into a depressive state with each new snow storm. i think it was the act of being thankful, so thankful, for friends, family, being with my boys, and my amazing husband that kept me “above ground.” one…read more


gratitude ~ may 9, 2011

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a vegetable garden overtaken with weeds… a neighbor who lends you their kubota and rear tiller deserves a batch of PW’s cinnamon rolls, don’t you think?