seven quick takes

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*this week was VBS at our little local church. this was the 4th VBS that the older two boys have gone to there, and it was adam’s 2nd year. as usual, they all loved every minute of it. i’m glad that the older two don’t feel that they’re too old for something like this. i love going early to pick them up and watching them get really involved in the singing and dancing to the music. makes a momma proud. * i mentioned this on facebook a while ago: kenny…read more


running away

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i am terrified of sharks and deep water. you’ll never see me on a cruise ship. i’m scared of spiders, but that is a fear you kind of have to deal with when you live in a rural area. the palm-sized garden spiders make my heart-rate skyrocket, but at least i know they won’t kill me. i used to be afraid of running. in a way, i still am. why would i want to go through something so uncomfortable, so debilatating, by choice? i shook with fear on the high…read more


cemetery walking

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one night last week, we did what every other american family does on a coolish spring evening…we got ice cream and went cemetery walking! before you think we’re the next Addam’s Family, let me explain with a little history. longtime smithical readers will recall the folklore of hauntings in our house. if you don’t, you can brush up on our “haunted” house history at this post. since i wrote that post four years ago now, we’ve learned more about the original owner/builder of this house. we found out that the…read more


our youngest is FIVE!

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five years ago today, we welcomed Adam Henry Smith into our family! Kenny and I like to tell the boys the story of the day the two older boys came to the hospital to meet Adam for the first time.  Sawyer was just 21 months old, Rowan was several weeks shy of turning 3. Rowan couldn’t wait to hold him, but Sawyer wasn’t too sure of him. He was especially more unsure of him after an attempt at giving him his own balloon failed (he was cranky that Adam didn’t…read more


boys growing up.

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i found myself contemplating motherhood for the umpteenth time the other day. perhaps it was coming across old pictures of the boys as toddlers/babies and wondering just how i made it through the stage of “3 kids 3 and under” for so long…and just how quickly they have become grown boys now (5, 7, and 8 years old this summer). kenny and i have reached a whole new stage of parenting, and i am finding it hard to leave the last stage behind. it has taken 8 years of parenting…read more


laundry room makeover, part 2

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(Click on pictures to see larger view) You can refer to this post to see more “before” pictures, but here is a reminder of some “before” photos of the old laundry room…fake paneling on a wall, decades-old smelly cupboards, and white beige linoleum flooring with “enlongated” hospital grade toilet: And two “after pictures” to show you what we’ve gotten done over the weekend, including changing our minds about cleaning the old toilet versus buying a new one, discovering how poor a product Pergo actually is, and finding no structural needs…read more