my husband is a rockstar!

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i ran my first 5K this weekend all by myself.┬ábut i didn’t do it without the support (and encouragement, and transportation, and care-of our boys, and pride) of kenny. i’m so thankful for the incredible support kenny has given me since the moment i said to him in May: “will you go running with me?” he didn’t even look at me like i had two-heads (because he has heard me say on more than one occasion that i will never, ever run. at least willingly)! he said, “sure! if you…read more


there is always a bright side

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after last week’s math meltdown in our home, we’ve had a week of nothing but pure joy, and absolute mayhem. and it INCLUDED more math. one evening last week, after sitting down to dinner at 7:30, i sighed heavily with a smile on my face and said, “i love our crazy, full life together!” and i really, really meant it. i love that from the time the boys roll out of bed in the morning, we are together. we are together for math, for spelling, for soccer, for swimming, for…read more


weeks in review ~ the real story

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last year, when i had my weekly ducks in a row, and had enough energy to blog at the end of some weeks during the school year, i published homeschooling weekly reviews on fridays. i haven’t done one yet this year, and here we are, three weeks into school already! one reason is that i can’t bring myself to list the lessons we’ve accomplished in curriculum that most of you have never heard of, without going into details, sometimes tremendously tedious details, of how we finished the lesson. i have…read more



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happy birthday, sawyer cole! you bring us so much laughter on a daily basis. we love you, star-wars maniac!


ten years.

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it was kenny’s second day of his new job in my office building. it was six weeks before our wedding day. it was a lovely end-of-summer, beginning-of-autumn morning. i planned to do some pumpkin-bread baking that night. i was excited about all the newness in the air – fall, our upcoming nuptials, kenny’s great new job. the details are fuzzy after that. i remember thinking it wasn’t real because i wasn’t aware of such hatred and evil. i was naive in my my 28-year-old mind. my niece was 16 months…read more