thirty one days/ day ?? ~ when life gives you a FULL PLATE

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i never once forgot about this blog series, but have had pangs of guilt over not posting these last few days, for sure! this weekend, my parents took the boys for two full nights so that kenny and i could celebrate our anniversary (10 years!!!!). we had the best time fine-dining, antiquing, eating bakery goods (pumpkin and chocolate gobs!), wine-tasting, and driving through the gorgeous fall colors of western PA. when we returned, sawyer, who was sick when we left, had shared his cough and cold with his brothers. so…read more


thirty one days/ day 13 ~ illness

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recently i suffered a strained lower back which kept me from being comfortable in any position, but gave me a few days off from my normal house duties. which was humbling. because i had to really trust that the house wouldn’t melt or explode without my constant care and straightening up. today, i am caring for a sick child, whose voice is gone (except when he yells for yet another yogurt-pop, and then it’s hilariously hoarse), and who is running a slight fever. his brothers think that they get to…read more


thirty one days/ day 12 ~ the kitchen table, 2

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last wednesday, i introduced to you the physical heartbeat of our home: our kitchen table. i encouraged you to keep your family meal table healthy and clean, organized and always ready to nourish your family. if you watched last night’s republican debate, charlie rose was the lead moderator and just like he does on his own program, he had all the republican candidates sit around a table, “where conversations happen.” (i promise, that’s as much politics as i’ll go into on the blog!) i couldn’t agree more. when kenny gets…read more


thirty one days/ day 11 ~ our own schedule

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there are several valuable benefits that we’re already experiencing from our homeschooling life. but one of those things pops up on a daily basis: flexibility! ~ taking a day off when we need/want to, and making it up any day of the week. ~ being able to “do school” any time, any day of the week. ~ going to places as a family without the crowds. ~taking more vacation days when we want to, and not when the school calendar tells us we can. yesterday was Columbus Day. our co-op,…read more


thirty one days/ day 10 ~ new every morning

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when we lived in pittsburgh, kenny and i were members of Church of the Ascension, an episcopal church where we were later married. i was so fortunate to be able to serve on the Altar Guild for several years while we were there. if you ever find yourself in a liturgical worship service and have no idea what is going on, and why there is so much “stuff” involved in the service, just find yourself a member of the altar guild, and s/he will be able to tell you the…read more


thirty one days/ day 9 ~ recipe share (on our day of rest)

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sorry about the late posting of yesterday’s “rest” post. it was meant to go up yesterday, to prepare your heart and mind for today’s day of rest! it is just about peak leaf season in our part of the world. the trees are bursting with their autumn colors, and the sun is making them shine even brighter. for today, i hope you are able to really enjoy the season. to help your taste buds enjoy, here is a new pumpkin bread recipe that i love (i have two, one is…read more


thirty one days/ day 8 ~ rest

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(click a line to listen…and rest) come to me, you weary one… and I will give you rest,  for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light take Me upon you, I will give you rest.


thirty one days/ day 7 ~ mental and physical health

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this is what i look forward to these days: chilly, fog-filled mornings alone on a track. i’ve missed it so much this week, as i’ve been trying to take care of my lower back which gave out on me last saturday morning unexpectedly. i realized how much i take advantage of a strong back. every single movement we make is supported by a strong, healthy back. and when one small part of that back isn’t working…pain! i welcomed my run again this morning…a few short months ago, i would have…read more


thirty one days/ day 6 ~ time for friends

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believe it or not, when you choose to homeschool, you do still get “me-time,” and “girlfriend time.” your kids also get lots of friends of all ages to see regularly. today is such a day for us. my bookclub is meeting at my home this morning. i’m blessed to hang out with great friends every other week during the school year! and this photo is exactly what our gatherings usually look like!  

thirty one days/ day 5 ~ the kitchen table

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without thinking about it much, i wipe down, clean, set up and clear off the kitchen table several times a day. our family meal table (aka, the kitchen table) gets quite the workout on a daily basis.  i’d even go so far as to say that it is used more than anything else in our home (and with three young boys, our washing machine, dishwasher, and bathrooms get quite an amount of use, if you know what i mean!). recently, we got a new kitchen table. it’s larger, and has…read more