third 5K!

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i think i’m addicted to 5Ks.  they’re still not an easy run for me, but they’re so much fun, i feel so great, and my training for them keeps me active. for the two weeks leading up to this race, i ran at least 2 or 3 miles several times a week (8-9 miles a week). thanksgiving morning, i woke up, had coffee and stretched…then left around 7:00 a.m. to drive about 45 minutes away to the new castle, pa YMCA turkey trot. it was a smaller turkey trot than…read more


learning classically – the Grammar Stage

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one of the best parts of homeschooling that homeschoolers always refer to is the personal tailoring you get to attach to your child’s education. just in my three boys alone, i have a contemplative learner, a tactile learner, and a busy learner. they seem to change their basic style of learning quite frequently, and it’s good that i can observe, and be on the ready to change up how they’re learning math, for instance, one day to the next. overall, they all learn differently from each other, and i love…read more


running thoughts…

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i was talking to another runner the other day about how on earth i can possibly ever get past the 5K (3.1 mile) mark in running. because although i don’t need to fall over and lay on the ground after a 5K and i actually feel pretty great when i’m done, i still can’t: a/ run the entire 3.1 miles. and… b/ possibly think of running more than 3.1 miles at a time! this person was wise in pointing two things out to me: a/ just 6 months ago, i…read more


preparing for the preparation…

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i went grocery shopping this morning and was amazed at how crazy the store was. the balloon turkey decoration next to the lit christmas tree was slightly jarring, but maybe i’m just being persnickety. i thought the grocery shopping craze happened the monday- wednesday before Thanksgiving, not two weeks before? i am vowing right now that i’m going to treat this coming weekend and week as normal, and not as crazy preparation for a fun Thanksgiving celebration. how about you? we’ve been observing Advent in our home for the past…read more


revolutionize Christmas

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in the past, i’ve blogged every day in november.  i don’t know if you noticed, but….i kinda had a “31 days fail” event this past october. so i won’t be repeating that mistake this november! but i do love blogging during this season…the cozy thanksgiving days, the solace found in Advent’s hopeful waiting, and the joy of Christmas. before we get into this season’s crop of thanksgiving, advent, and christmas posts, i have a huge admission to make: the christmas season makes me anxious. don’t get me wrong: i love everything…read more


running update: second 5K

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i had my third running race this weekend, my second 5K. (remember, the first race was a 4.1 mile obstacle course trail run that i ran with my friend courtney in 1.26 hours. that time doesn’t count!) i wish i could say that i shaved even 30 seconds from my time. but i didn’t. i wish i could say my inner voice that taunts me each time i start running was silenced. but she wasn’t. i wish i could say that i embrace running up hills, but they’re still my worst…read more