wrist warmers/fingerless gloves

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kenny has been playing the piano a lot lately, much to the enjoyment of his family! he’s been playing every single week in church while the other pianists take a break for various reasons;  he’s been playing the piano in our home in the evenings — The Messiah during christmas, and some very complicated too-many-notes* classical pieces from his vast collection of sheet music; and just recently, he’s taken on playing the piano score for a local theatre’s spring musical in which Rowan and Sawyer are participating. when he’s done…read more



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kenny ordered two “packages” of bees a few weeks ago. it’s time to get out the old hives, clean them up a bit (we actually have to clean them up a lot, with an acid solution, to kill any mites that could still be in the wood. these are deadly to the health of a hive) and get the area of our yard set up for their arrival in late april. i celebrated by picking up my needles and casting on to knit a “honey cowl“.  i’m using bamboo yarn…read more


a day in the life…II

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wednesday, february 2012 5:40 finds me awake. the wind howled all night long, and there is new snow on the ground. i do not want to get out from under my very warm blankets. kenny beats me to it and gets ready for work. i join him downstairs once i get the courage to get out from under the warmth. 6:15 ~ kenny is off to work and my morning looks pretty identical to yesterday’s morning. today, though, i have to prepare dinner, so i pull a few round steaks…read more


a day in the life…

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tuesday, february 2012 6:00 ~ wake up. the past two days kenny and i have been waking at 5:00, so we slept in a bit this morning, which got him off to work a bit later.  i get up, get a cup of coffee while he makes his breakfast. 6:30 ~ kenny leaves for work, and i have a quiet house for at least the next 2 hours. i start some laundry, sit at the computer to read blogs, write a blog post, check facebook, and read the news. then…read more


celebrating 10 years as a family…

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last october, the boys got to spend a whole weekend with my parents (oh my goodness, the anticipation of that weekend was almost too much for them!) while kenny whisked me away on a romantic getaway to the middle of the state. my parents were troopers keeping the boys on a cold, rainy/windy weekend with one of them being sick, and one needing to go to a soccer game.  the boys keep talking about the fun they had, and we received periodic photos (via texts) of the boys throughout our…read more


running thoughts (II)

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 for the past two weeks, i’ve been working at getting back to running a 5K in my training runs. with a few weeks off over christmas break due to illness, it’s been hard. i feel like i lost a lot of ground, and my runs have been difficult and not at all fun. until today! the first 2 minutes were sluggish, and then i felt my groove settling in.  i ignored the first “walk” prompt and just kept running. it felt great to get to the “walk” and not be…read more



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  even homeschoolers find themselves stuck in boring teaching and learning ruts.  i’m now pretty good at seeing one coming, and for us, it’s always about MATH! as i’ve said before, i’ve never been a math person. give me a Shakespeare comedy or Sophocles tragedy to disect, and i’m a happy girl…but once you start in on math worksheets and science concepts, i’m completely uninterested. adam’s answer to “what would you rather do today?” always involves baking.  he’s very good at it -a cracks his own eggs, scrapes the sides…read more


family resolutions, farm resolutions

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  we got rid of our television before christmas. well, okay – we have a television in our basement but it’s only hooked up to netflix and the boys’ video games. our rule is weekend-only videos/video games, and even the weekend time is limited. i have issues with artificial entertainment, and i’m one of those prudes who sees video games and reality television as just that. artificial, fake, unworthy of our precious time. but that’s not our family resolution. in fact,we kind of fell into this new no-tv living space accidentally…read more


on epiphany…

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Our friend, Bill Campbell, stated the following as his facebook status last week and I’ve been pondering it ever since. Pondering it as I rise in the dark mornings, as I run, heart pounding with music throbbing through my head, as I pull laundry from the washer to the dryer, feed hungry kids, soothe the sobs of a 5-year-old, drive to and from lessons, meeting, activities. Here is an invitation to ponder it for yourself. Sura 112 of the Qur’an reads: “Say, ‘He is God the One, God the Eternal….read more


christmas, 2011

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all he wanted to know was what i wanted for christmas this year. and i gave him an earful about how i don’t want any gifts or presents, and that i think we should just do away with the whole gift-giving part of christmas forever because it makes me so uncomfortable anymore. my husband knows better than to agree with my crazy whims. so he just smiled and never brought the subject up again. i made it very difficult on him without realizing i was doing so. i thought i’d…read more