why “giving up” for Lent is vital. for me.

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“We cannot come to the light unless we are willing to enter into the darkness.” Observing Lent has been a part of my life for the past 15 years. It was not a part of my childhood, so when, as an adult, I began observing it, it was as though I had been converted to a new way of celebrating Easter Sunday. Growing up in a non-liturgical church, you get surprised by Easter Sunday especially if it falls smack dab in the middle of a sermon series, instead of at…read more


raspberry oatmeal ~ my breakfast of choice

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you don’t need to whisk an eggwhite for my best recipe. all you need is milk, preferably whole milk, but if you drink pretend skim milk you can probably use it, but i wouldn’t recommend it because the consistencey will definitely change. 2/3 cup whole milk 1/3 cup water 1/2 cup whole (rolled) oats (not quick) 1 tsp. sugar, or 1 T maple syrup or honey (or a packet of stevia if you’ve given up sugar for Lent) a heap of frozen raspberries Mix the milk, water and oats together in…read more


officially a non-preschooler family

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Since the minute I found out we were pregnant with Rowan over 9 years ago, our world has been full of finding space and time for…newborns, toddlers, onesies, homemade babyfood, tactile learning, pincer grasps, crawling, vaccinations, Baby Einstein, Word World, and Veggie Tales. We are now officially past all of that. Well past all of that. When I (slightly jokingly) suggested earlier in the week that we snuggle up and watch an Elmo video together, all three of the boys scoffed and yelled how “babyish” Elmo is. Then I suggested…read more


knitting for the boys

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with all the knitting i’ve been doing for kenny and myself, it would seem i’ve left out the three boys! i have not forgotton our offspring in my latest “making” adventures, i promise you. in fact, here they are sporting their brand new, made-with-love from mama sweaters! sawyer’s covering all his bases, “it’s cool,” and “peace out!” they have yet to wear them out anywhere. in fact, for some reason, they all put them in the garage the minute after i snapped these photos. good thing i’m so in tune…read more


being communion.

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i just read Lauren F Winner’s latest book, Still, bought for me by my mom. it’s about getting through a mid-faith crisis, or how one finds oneself in the middle of their faith (far away from the excitement of conversion, far from the end of life). longtime smithical readers may remember that i was on a team at my old church that organized a weekend writers and womens retreat that Lauren led. here is the blog post about that (i was pregnant with adam in this picture!) i’ve been a…read more


living through a “pin” vicariously

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Join others in blogging about the PINS you’ve tried from Pinterest at Living with Three Hobbits and a Giant… I bring you a pin today that I haven’t tried. However, my friend Courtney has done it in her home, and I was witness to the lovely interior transformation yesterday. Since becoming a member of Pinterest back in October? November?…I have been absolutely fascinated with pallet interior design. “Pallets?” you ask.  “What on earth could you do with old, dirty wooden 3×3 trays that sit outside most business loading docks that…read more



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A few weeks ago, kenny forwarded me an email with this story of a family and their miracle baby boy. His email read, “Liz, This is incredble…I taught these kids when I taught in Hagerstown, MD!” and it took me a minute to realize he was referring to the parents in the story.  Kenny was a high school English and Grammar teacher right out of college for three years before he moved to Pittsburgh and started his current career in software. When he saw the story, he realized that this was…read more


A pinning party!

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Recently, I opened a “Pins I’ve tried” board at Pinterest. I usually add comments on whether or not the pin worked. I’ve tried several of the activities/recipes/ideas that I’ve “pinned” so far, but this week’s blog post reflects those that I have done in relation to our homeschool lessons. Pin SUCCESS! This was GREAT fun experiement: faux lava lamp.  The boys and I took it to a friends’ house and we were able to do it with the boys in her house as well. My favorite part was hearing the…read more


Candlemas and Groundhogs

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I’m once again linking back to an old post regarding a holiday. Or a feast day, as we like to call them. This one is from last year. ~~~ It is just before 7:00 a.m. as I type this, and the sky to the east (to my right) is just beginning to lighten. This is the earliest I’ve seen light at this hour in a long time. So no matter what the groundhog says, I am content to know that spring is right around the corner! I found Rembrandt’s work…read more


nostalgia triggers

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sunday: waking up this morning, i knew i’d have to start on dinner right away if we wanted to eat something more than cereal (and we’re out of cereal any way) or sandwiches (what we had for lunch) or even breakfast-for-dinner (finished the eggs last night). so on kenny’s suggestion that we haven’t had red meat in a while, i pulled a top round steak from the freezer and began to thaw it on low in the crock pot. by the time the boys and i left to meet kenny at…read more