a country drive

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what a great weekend to have no plans!  we’ve been running constantly since christmas break with every single weekend being full of plans. this weekend has been open on the calendar and i’ve been fiercely protecting it so that it wouldn’t fill up with plans. last night, as we were all falling asleep kenny and i noted how nice it was going to be to have TWO FULL DAYS of no plans. so this morning, we all slept in (yep, until 7:15!!!) and made pancakes and (turkey) bacon and eggs….read more


i don’t know

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as the boys grow older, their questions are changing. no longer do i have to explain how the sun comes up each morning, or how a flower grows, but now i find myself up against a constant flow of questions, most likely from sawyer, from the strange: “what happens if  someone wears a wool sweater and walks across a  desert?” to the where-does-he-come-up-with-these-ideas: “what happens if lava touches electricity?” instead of succinct answers that hinted at the truth and that used to satisfy him, i am now finding myself not even able…read more


leap years and birthdays

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it’s been a whirlwind of events over the past few weeks… Leap Day!  It was a bad, bad day. A boy waking feverish in the night, and then our laundry room ceiling leaked poured rain water all morning due to heavy rain and a very old roof. Kenny had just walked into his office when I called him, begging him to come home and fix the leak (really, the word “leak” is such an understatment!). He did. He took the morning off, stopped at Lowes to get some roofing supplies, and…read more