running thoughts (III)

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a week and a half ago, i injured my toe. i’ve talked enough about it that i’m sure you know which injury i’m referring to.  the morning after injuring it, i was aching to go for a run. but i could barely put any pressure at all on the toe. i couldn’t even put a sock over the toe without yelping in pain. i knew i had to take it easy, and not do any form of exercise until my toe felt much better. eight days after the injury, i…read more


a lamb before the slaughter…

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a year ago, two lambs were born to our two suffolk ewes. two female lambs, and we made a promise to the boys that females would be kept for more breeding. a month ago, kenny and i started talking about butchering one of them any way. if we continue to keep the female sheep born to the meat sheep (suffolks are bred for their meat), we will have more animals than we can handle. then we’ll just become “that stinky farm that has more poop than animals,” we’ll end up…read more


once upon a time….

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…there was a girl who liked to be on stage. but not until she was about 16 years old, and only when she didn’t have to sing. in front of people. because that was one of her worst fears: that she would be forced to sing in front of somebody else. so she acted and did shows like Our Town and The Crucible…then onto Electra, Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Three Sisters. Then Lysistrata (and is still heart-broken over not getting a role in Dancing at Lughnasa). Finally, she graduated college…read more