the hamptons

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i have to be fully and honestly frank. the facade must be put to rest. i am not a camper. i am not a camper in the woods, or in a motor-home. i’m not a camper in the summer, fall or spring. camping does not thrill me because i like clean and comfortable a little too much, especially if we’re talking “vacation.” i think this is where i need to also admit that i think i’ve become a bit OCD. with cleaning and cleanliness. but i have a theory about…read more


PA homeschool evaluation

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for the past four years, we’ve been homeschooling our boys. it was only last august that our school district was informed of this information, and i only had to register our oldest. in Pennsylvania, the compulsory age (the age at which your child better at least be registered for kindergarten) of school children is 8, which means i didn’t have to let anyone in the education system know that we were homeschooling until my oldest turned 8. they still don’t “know” about the other two boys we’ve been schooling, but…read more


we’ve got babies!! (update: and bear)

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a week and a half after finding themselves traveling from Georgia to the western hills of PA, our bees have settled into their new homes and are already busy making babies. we opened the hives this evening and pulled out two of the busiest frames from each hive (the ones covered with the most bees).  after observing them closely, we found evidence of eggs (little white “commas” in each cell) AND some larvae already (little white “worms” that would normally send me squealing in gross-out, but these are exciting because…read more


honeybees, take 2

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our two packages of honeybees arrive at the post office this morning. at 6:35 a.m. the post office called to tell us they were in. i had been up for an hour already, and suspected we’d be hearing from them this morning. the boys finally woke up around 8:15, and by 9:00 we were in the car, on our way to pick them up. when we arrive at the post office, the postal worker warned me that one of the packages looked a little “bad.”  this meant that there was…read more


Classical Conversations Co-op End-of-the-Year Banquet

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This week, our family attended our co-op’s end of the year closing ceremonies where the students got to show off everything they learned, and we shared a big potluck meal in the church gym with our entire families. It was pure meyhem but a lot of fun! Our last co-op class was a month ago, so it’s been about 4 weeks since I’ve seen the students I had in my class and I have to admit that I’ve missed them!  It was great to see all those little faces again…read more


happy camping

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our family of five enjoyed survived our first camping overnight this past weekend! the last time kenny and i camped was when sawyer had just turned 1, and rowan was 2. that was much easier, and from what i remember, we were serenated by screech owls all night long. the older boys had a cub scout overnight this past weekend, and i decided at the last minute to join them (since other families were camping, and it wasn’t just a scout camping night). we arrived friday evening around 6:00 and…read more