running thoughts (iv)

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we live in podunkville, america. this is deliberate, not because we don’t like people or neighborhood-living, but because “out here” we can do so much more when owning more than a postage stamp sized property. we can stretch our limbs (important with three active boys), see thousands more stars on clear nights, and raise animals with many teachable moments along the way. but that means it’s hard to run out here, safely and smartly. there are no “neighborhood running meets” at dawn, or sidewalks to run on. i usually run…read more


our grammy

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their love was what novels are written about, turned into movies that open in the summer and make all who watch it wish they had a fairytale beginning, middle, and ending in their own relationships. it was high school, there was a chance meeting at a water fountain and the rest is history. it was war time, so the boy had to go fight. he returned home early to marry his girl (in a whirlwind weekend winter wedding where two other war brides were married, all borrowing the same bridesmaids…read more


when your baby turns 6…

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…you find ways of avoiding their baby pictures for fear of falling into a nostalgic tailspin. you look at every single one of them any way and still distinctly remember of the first minute you laid eyes on him. …you look at your family of rapidly growing boys and wonder what the teen years will look like, and you’re not exactly sure whether to laugh or cry at the thought. …you can’t wait for your boys to be teenagers so you can have deep conversations with them. then you remember…read more


game night and chocolate-peanut butter

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i’ve already blogged about our fabulous day in the city last saturday, but i haven’t yet told you about the fun evening we had the night before. the marquiss clan invited us over for dinner and game night friday night. we then spent the night since they’re only a few minutes from downtown where we could breakfast-and-museum on saturday. after a fantastic grilled steak and veggie with salad dinner they served, we spent the evening watching a play that our kids performed, passed out cookies for their dessert and then…read more


i’ve got 6 books on my nightstand

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i finished one this morning over my steaming hot cup of coffee.  i think i inhale books during the summer because i feel guilty reading for pleasure during the school year. that’s not to say i don’t read for pleasure at all – i always have a book with me when we are out and about, or on my nightstand, or when we’re done with school by 10:30 a.m… i like to read a lot of different genres, so i think it’s completely possible to read several books at once….read more


10 things I love about Britain

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a writer on a blog that i read (a working sheep farm!) made this same list in honor of elizabeth II’s 60th, and since i have a laundry list of things i love about ol’ blighty, i thought i’d join in the fun. 10 things i love about britain oxford. the magical spires, the bells ringing on sunday mornings, the cobblestone streets. the shaldonian, magdelen college deer park, st. cross road and the covered market. temple cowley school (where i attended 3rd form), st. aldate’s church, Brown’s restaurant, and blackwell’s bookshop. london….read more


i love our city!

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techinically, we’re much closer to the city of Butler, which was recently named one of the 10 best small towns in the U.S. according to the Smithsonian magazine,  but today, i’m referring to Pittsburgh (which also has its ranking in a popular magazine lists), the city in which i grew up. i still think of Pittsburgh as “our city” since we’re really only an hour outside of it, and kenny and i met and started our family there. although i’m now a 6-year-old country girl and could seriously consider growing…read more


her majesty

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no, this isn’t a post about the Queen and Her Jubilee celebrations this week in London…although i was quite impressed with the glorious pageantry that the royal family put on the river thames today. i’m talking about our queen bee. i checked the third hive today and found larvae right away – they bees and the queen are doing their work, but i caught a rare glance of the actual queen today while checking the hives. fortunately kenny had his phone with him so we were able to get her…read more


garden 2012

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we planted our garden this week just in time for today’s long rainy day. tomatoes: large, roma, and cherry (grape tomatoes were nowhere to be found – we’re still hunting for the plants) pole green beans pole lima beans sweet red peppers a few hot pepper plants cantaloupe butternut squash acorn squash pie pumpkins sugar pumpkins cilantro basil kale and the ever-present row of zinnias you can see the bee boxes in the background. i hope they love the flowers on our garden plants this year! i know it doesn’t…read more