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i have never considered reading books about running until recently.  as “luck” would have it, the first two running books that i’ve chosen from our local library have been written by “ultrarunners.” now, i’m no spring chicken, and i do love to run, but i will never, ever, EVER be an ultrarunner. and i can very comfortably say that and know that the “never say never” phrase does not apply here. i am saying never because it’s totally NOT going to happen. an ultrarunner does races that are 50, 100…read more


The Great Race 2012 (5K)

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This was my first repeat-race!  I ran the 5k Great Race last year for the first time, and absolutely loved it. It gave me confidence and excitement to continue running and I looked forward to running it again all year long. I had originally signed up for the 10K but after doing the Run Around the Square earlier this summer, I knew I didn’t have a 10K in me yet. Of course, I probably could have done it – but it wouldn’t have been much running on my part, and…read more