7 quick takes…

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i haven’t done a Quick Takes in forever and a day… 1. now that the presidential election is almost 2 weeks behind us, i can finally say…we are okay with the results. i mean, we’re not happy with the results, but what can you do?  wednesday morning, november 7th had a rough start. kenny and i woke at 4:00, saw the results, couldn’t go back to sleep, so we decided to finally start Season 3 of The Walking Dead so we didn’t have to watch the news, or read web…read more


thank you, veterans

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My Grampy (the boys’ “Great Grampy”) has come to visit a few times since the beginning of summer. The boys love it because he comes for school and they LOVE showing him everything they’re learning. He especially loves to sit in on math class…he says that was his favorite class, but he has been enjoying our history lessons as well. One of our history lessons had us interview family relatives, so this photo is of him telling the boys a favorite memory he has of when he was a boy….read more


election day, 2012

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before we experience election day, 2012, can we ALL remember a few things? we are all from dust, and we will return to dust no matter what happens in our lifetime. according to the westminster catechism, the chief end (the “main point”) of humans is to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”  it’s not about glorifying our preferred candidate, it is about glorifying Him. i hope we can all keep this in mind before we “spike the football” or demean the other side. i know it feels like a big…read more


communion and worship

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i understand why the roman catholic faith makes a person’s first communion a big deal. usually, it is a child, around the age of 6 or 7. for a parent, it’s a wonderful thing to see your child recognize and understand the meaning behind the elements of the eucharist. and i am down with worship services that surround this milestone in a person’s life.  i grew up in the orthodox presbyterian tradition, where you are older when you make your confession of faith and take communion for the first time….read more