double digits, rowan tucker smith!

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our rowan, our firstborn, turns 10 tonight at 9:43pm. that means we’ve been parenting for 10 years (plus 9 months). that means he’ll probably be driving in 6 years. that means he’ll be a legal adult in 8 years. rowan loves soccer, swimming and minecraft. he loves to read when he finds a series that he likes: his latest series that he inhaled were the Araminta Spookie books, and of course our family read-alouds, Harry Potter. he’s not a fan of Shakespeare (“he’s boring and writes terrible stories!”), but loves…read more


hobnob theatre co. production #2: The Tempest

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we put a show on stage and then to rest all last month. these past weeks of not being in the theater, not making and checking off a to-do list, and not touching up last minute props and costumes, set pieces, and lighting cues have given us wide open days without a schedule. we’re weary but anxious. it’s hard putting away the set into a storage unit, folding away costumes that just a few nights ago adorned characters on a stage who just about perfectly told a 400-year-old story to…read more