beautiful numbers

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We checked this book out of the library this week based on some research I’ve been doing since being introduced to the idea that math is cool. I never thought I’d actually think that, let alone write about math and numbers on my personal blog where I usually talk about meal planning, love of theatre and literature, homeschooling, and sheep. But last month, we traveled to the east of Pennsylvania (a lovely, gorgeous drive on the PA turnpike. If you’ve never driven as far as Harrisburg on the PA turnpike,…read more


Smithically Schooling: Year 6

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This is the year when homeschooling starts to get more difficult. But I also know that things are about to get even better. No longer are we all in the lower-elementary years of lots of crafts, cutting, coloring, and pasting, filling in the blanks, and learning to read. Math will be getting trickier (but I’m totally ready for it!), writing assignments and research will be part of our curriculum, and school will definitely not be done by lunchtime on most days. I do have a 1st/2nd, 3rd-grader, and 4th grader,…read more


this has been a pseudo-summer

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autumn is slowly closing in on us. this summer has been cool and wet. it’s as though spring has overstayed its welcome and summer decided to take a year off. ┬áif you’ve been reading smithical for a while, you know how much i love summer. i love the heat, the humidity, the natural vitamin D, the long days. at least the sun is keep up its end of the bargain this season! the heat, however, is nowhere to be found. i’m working on being okay with this. autumn was my…read more