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for the past eight months, i’ve immersed myself in reading.  fiction, theatrical plays, non-fiction, even cookbooks. sometimes what goes on in our outside world gets too big and checking out, into a story imagined by a writer, is a pretty simple and easy way to drown out all the noise. i’ve been keeping a photographic journal of the books i’m reading on Facebook. i am the “model reader” in this household.  my family sees me with my nose in a book a lot.  that hasn’t mysteriously turned any of them into readers…read more

a day in the (still) life

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I am not a visual artist. I can’t sketch or draw, my water colors blend into a big blob of brown….but oh how i love watching the boys, unhindered, paint whatever is in their heart. so i choose to join them this year.  instead of setting them up with paints and then leaving the room to start on lunch or dinner, i’m sitting down and getting my paint on, too. i may not share my masterpieces with you…but sharing them with the boys is enough joy. what are you digging…read more

last momma in the woods

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Disclaimer:  I do not pretend to know everything about raising a family and educating at home.  I will never say that our way is better than your way.  I will only ever write about what is working for us, hoping it will inspire just one person out there who is reading.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Never be within doors when you can rightly be without. ~Charlotte Mason We played in our woods last night. They’ve been there since we moved here nine years ago (and long before that!), and occasionally the boys go into them….read more