Smithically Speaking: Episode 3 ~ Homeschooling High School Part 2

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Welcome to Episode 3 of Smithically Speaking, a podcast of stories about everyday people, where you can walk around in someone else’s shoes for a while. We continue our current series following my family as we dive into the high school years outside the four walls of a traditional school.  Today, I get to introduce you to my son, Rowan and we learn a little about what his interests are, and we begin to talk about how his skills and interests can guide our plans for his high school years….read more

Friday Favorites…

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Fridays are what keeps us going every week.  Especially during February.  And maybe January.  Okay, maybe even March. Fridays usher in the weekend…where we can do what we want to do ALL DAY LONG.  Unless we are driving to soccer, futsal, shopping, youth group, garage sales, rehearsals…what have you.  But we love weekends because nothing hangs over our heads. We watched Get Out this week and just loved it.  Creepy and thrilling AND humorous.  In a very intelligent manner.  In other words, this isn’t Scary Movie. The boys and I…read more

What I Read Next…

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The episode of the What Should I Read Next podcast that I was a guest on aired this week. It was so fun to chat with Anne on her show.  I listened to the podcast with my three boys and at the halfway point, my youngest told me that he liked the podcast, but he thought I talked way too much. Yep.  It’s what happens when I talk about books and reading, and talking to Anne was like talking to a BFF about all the books that I love so…read more

Smithically Speaking Episode 2: Homeschooling High School, Part 1

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Welcome to the second episode of Smithically Speaking.  A podcast full of stories from every day people. We begin with my family as we start the road to homeschooling high school.  Our three sons are all in middle school and one is headed into high school next year.  He’s not shown a desire to go to school, and we are content to continue his education at home.  So, the research has begun.  Follow along for the first few episodes of the Smithically Speaking Podcast to see how we plan to…read more

Smithically Speaking: A Podcast (Episode 1)

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In addition to the podcast that I’m a guest on this week, it coincides with the launch of a new project of mine, that I’ve been working on for months…I’ve been planning, writing, rewriting, and learning that the technical side of podcasting is more tricky than I expected. But, we’re nearing the launch of a new project of mine. “Smithically Speaking” is going to cover a broad range of topics.  It begins, for the first several episodes, as a podcast following my family as we begin to tackle homeschooling high…read more

being a guest on a fantastic podcast…

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A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Anne Bogel, who runs the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog and hosts the What Should I Read Next podcast. I’ve been listening to the podcast for at least the entire time it’s been airing (every Tuesday, for the past two years), and I love it because it replaced the gap of another beloved podcast of mine (Books on the Nightstand) which has been off the air for a while now. I’ve always been a reader, but not like recently when I’ve discovered how…read more