Episode 13 ~ The Creative Life with Robin and Andy Hasenpflug (Musicians)

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Robin and Andy Hasenpflug have been involved in music since they were young.  Currently they teach, perform, write, and travel for their music all while raising their son. Listen in on our conversation which took place in their home in the town of Aspinwall, right outside of Pittsburgh. Find Robin at her web site  Find Andy at Soundcloud Mentioned in the Podcast… Ableton Freesound College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati Slippery Rock University American Dance Festival Symphonies and Chamber Orchestras where Robin plays Respighi’s “Pines of Rome” Girl Boss Radio…read more

Episode 12 ~ The Creative Life with Suzanne Werder (artist)

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Suzanne, an artist, educator, and intercultural bridgebuilder, lives in Millville, a small town nestled in the hills surrouncding Pittsburgh. She is involved in the quickly growing artist scene, and partakes in a weekly Life Drawing at the Panza Gallery in Millville. Find Suzanne on Instagram || Facebook || Twitter || Youtube Artists and Art-related Events mentioned in this episode: Panza Gallery Carol Amidi Carnegie International Soup N’at Awesome foundation Bill Pfahl Vanessa German Kehinde Wiley Phipps Conservatory Great Pittsburgh Arts Council   SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Episode 11 ~ The Creative Life with Kirsten Kelly (Documentary Filmmaker)

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Kirsten Kelly grew up in the Asaragus capital of the nation (Shelby, Michigan) and currently lives in Brooklyn with her family where she works as a documentary filmmaker with Spargel Productions and Transform Films. In 2015, she and Anne de Mare won an Emmy for their documentary, The Homestretch, which followed the lives of three homeless high school students in Chicago. Kirsten finds stories that need louder voices and puts them out to the world.  It’s an emotional and physical job and we discuss in this episode just how this…read more