Smithically Schooling: Year 6

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This is the year when homeschooling starts to get more difficult. But I also know that things are about to get even better. No longer are we all in the lower-elementary years of lots of crafts, cutting, coloring, and pasting, filling in the blanks, and learning to read. Math will be getting trickier (but I’m totally ready for it!), writing assignments and research will be part of our curriculum, and school will definitely not be done by lunchtime on most days. I do have a 1st/2nd, 3rd-grader, and 4th grader,…read more


curtains, and a new office

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i love this piece of material. i bought it for $2 at the salvation army fabric sale a few years ago with serina and have kept it in mind for curtains in my “office” after we redesigned the room. i never thought to measure. i’m not a measuring type sewer. i know that sounds like blasphemy to all the sewers out there, but when it comes to sewing, i wing it. a lot. and i hate patterns. that flimsy tear-easy paper that comes with patterns? those lines all over that…read more



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this image makes me happy:   that is a freezer full of beef, but not your average beef. this is local, grassfed, organic beef. ahhhhh. lots and lots of ground beef (meatloafs, burgers on the grills, meatballs!) and several different kinds of steaks and roasts and stewing beef, and short ribs. i’ll need your help with advice on cooking short ribs. (thanks, volus!) hopefully soon we’ll find a side of pig, and we’re going to order some broiler (day-old) chicks to raise for the 9 weeks they get in this…read more


officially decluttered

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a month ago, i signed up at OrgJunkie’s blog for a whole room organization challenge. today we have pictures to show the final product – and even a bonus area where “organization happened.” i love that this project happened during spring. it was a great way to spring clean clutter from these areas and other areas in the house! without further ado, here are before and after pictures of our very high-traffic areas: the enclosed backporch (playroom) and the office. Before the coat and shoe “area”: bookcase in the office:…read more


stop unwanted junkmail!

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I never have anything to contribute to the weekly “Works for me Wednesday” over at Rocks in my Dryer, although i do always get some pretty good tips there.  But this week, I have a great little tip to share with all of you. The best part is…it’s environtmentally sound! There are several organizations that you can sign up with to get rid of your junk mail. You’ve all heard of the “Do Not Call” list?  There is a “Do Not Send” list as well, and here is where you…read more


earth day

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The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.Psalm 24:1-2 we finally enjoyed a full day of sunshine and warmth today. what a way to celebrate earth day this weekend! before you go snickering about how earth day is just a way for tree-huggers to get their own (recycled-only, please) hallmark holiday, i’d like to point out that there is a lot of good that comes out of observing…read more


i can see where this is headed…

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the past two days have been in the mid to high 70s, sunny skies, and just plain gorgeous. adam is even addicted to the sunshine. he’s fussy until we step outside and then all he wants to do is swing, walk, romp, play with grass/dirt and definitely NOT go inside. there is so much to do in our yard it’s amazing we’ll even be indoors this summer at all…but i sense a pattern here. weather is gorgeous=less blogging from me. i’m going to try to fight the urge to NOT…read more