…just don’t call us late for dinner!

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i don’t know what you’d call my friend audrey and i.  we’re two peas in a pod? anomalies? coincidences? twilight zone characters? separated at birth?

we have these odd similarities that just kept popping up over the years as we got to know each other. and we’re not talking about “i liked ralph macchio in high school…OMG so did I!” or “my prom dress was yellow…OMG so was mine!” here are just some of our odd similarities:

1. my full name is elizabeth anne. she was meant to be named beth ann (but for some reason her parents decided on audrey).
2. my mom’s name is diane. her sister’s name is diane. (okay not so weird…a lot of us have similarities like this.)
3. we both have a niece who is the same age AND named sadie rae. same spelling.
4. we both remember watching “Hatchey Malatchey” – a children’s program that i used to watch when visiting my grandparents in their home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. when i found out that audrey was a graduate of this show as well, i was floored. NOBODY (and i was beginning to think it was a figment of my imagination) had ever heard of that show before, until it was mentioned in passing one day in one of our conversations.
5. we’re both BIG Twin Peaks fans.
6. We’re both BIG Gypsy Kings fans.
7. She has a Nana and Pop-pop, and so do I. and now my parents are Nana and Pop-pop.
8. We’re both fans of burnt hot dogs. And we mean blackened. MMMMMMmmmmmm!
9. Her husband, Tom, and I share a birthday: March 7th.
10. The biggie: We’ve both been blessed with pilonoidal cysts (i was going to post a link, but if you really want to know, you can research that on your own!)

perhaps these don’t seem odd to you, but when we come up with yet another odd “thing” that we share, we just shake our head and laugh.

a mutual friend of ours, amy, and i also have fun similarities. my favorite is that amy is one of the only adults that i know who also likes Peeps and candy corn. we agree that it is better, hands down, over chocolate any day of the week. if i had to, i could live on Peeps and candy corn and nothing else.

but i don’t. because if i did, i’d have much bigger dental problems.

ps. if you’d like to donate a year’s supply of Peeps or candy corn for my friends and i, please email me for my address. thank you.